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The big difficulty with research papers is the dilemma in delegating any of the tasks to people other than the person doing the research. This is because the researcher is the one person who would recognize the importance of a snippet of information which might be totally insignificant to someone else.

For example, I may be looking for evidence of microbe activity on a piece of moon rock and see a report on a meteorite being found in a local field. There may be no connection whatsoever, but it is worth me checking it out in case the rock structure, its composition, density, and the results of its heating, as it fell through the earth’s atmosphere, can give me a comparison or model for my moon rock - or even scorched microbes.

Somebody who did not understand the significance of one sample to the other may ignore the ability to compare completely, and in doing so, miss a valuable control sample or worthwhile comparison.

We get this.

Are You a Fast?

Very few students are, so you are not alone if you really hate producing this endless stream of papers for every course. Think about it – to produce one research paper, you have to do all of the following:

  • You have to decide upon a topic and refine that topic into some kind of thesis statement that will drive your research and your writing
  • You have to conduct the research, and not all of it will be found online. Research means trips to the library and pouring over books, journal articles in order to gather the information and data you need to include in your paper
  • Somehow, you have to organize all of the information and data into sub-topics and create an outline to guide your writing
  • Now, you must produce a rough draft, being very careful to cite your resources accurately. If you don’t, you can be accused of plagiarism!
  • Your rough draft is written, but you are far from being finished. Now you have to review it, revise it, and make sure it makes sense! And don’t forget the format you are required to follow. Make sure your in-text and end of text citations are in the format your instructor requires!
  • The final draft is your best effort, but it still may not be good enough to get you a good grade. Your instructors or professors can be very picky and lower your grade for the smallest things!

Why are You Still Struggling?

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