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Understanding a Book Review

A book review is not a book report. While the report focuses primarily on plot, characters, and possibly a statement of theme, the review is far more comprehensive and requires discussion and analysis. As students progress from high school to college, they will realize that book reviews may require an in-depth analysis of a single character, or a full discussion of a single theme. Very little time will be spent on plot per se. And yet, in order to prepare a scholarly piece, the student may often be required not just to read the book but, as well, to read what others have said about the specific aspect s/he is addressing and to cite those other experts in within the text. The book review thus becomes and analytical and evaluative piece of writing for which many students may not be prepared.

Writing a Book Review

To write an academic-worthy book review, you must read and then re-read the book in question. The first read is to get a holistic understanding; the second read is to focus on that aspect that is the topic of your review. For example, if your assignment is an in depth character analysis, you will need to take notes on the actions and words of that character, so that you have evidence to support your claims. You may then need to evaluate the credibility of the character. If your assignment is a non-fiction review, you will need to support any statements you make with precise evidence from the book as well.

This is only the beginning Your outline is next and then, finally, the rough draft, the revisions, and the final copy to be submitted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I get my book review?

This depends on the length of the book, the requested length of the book review, and the complexity of the book involved. However, many of the writers we have available do an excellent job at completing assignments like this quickly while also maintaining good quality.

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We require all customers to make payment when they place their order. Please know that our payment processes are absolutely secure. We also accept multiple forms of payment for your convenience.

Can you find someone who has read the book?

We have such a large team of writers and academic specialists that there is an excellent chance that someone has read the book you have been assigned. If they have not, they will still take care to research and read, and to provide a detailed review. You may be asked to provide digital access to the book if it is not readily available.