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Creating the Perfect CV

Perhaps you have created resumes before, for jobs that you have held while in college. Now that you are graduating or changing careers, all of a sudden potential employers want a CV. If they do, it is because you probably have a graduate degree and your career field may be in education, psychology, sociology, or in scientific research. Positions in these fields require extensive background, research activities, and often published works on the part of the candidate. Unlike the resume, which provides short and succinct bulleted background and experience, the CV will be a prose document in which you will provide detailed summaries of your background, experience and accomplishments.

Getting Professional Help is Common

A Curriculum Vitae is a significant piece of writing, and it should not be left to someone who is inexperienced in creating one. For this reason, most career candidates seek the assistance of a seasoned CV writer who can translate educational background, employment experience, and accomplishments into an exception portrayal of who they are and what they have done. The goal is to provide a potential employer with an accurate yet compelling picture of the candidate. has an exceptional staff of CV writers in all relevant fields, who have been creating top quality CV’s for its clients for many years. When you decide to turn over production of your Curriculum Vitae to us, here is what you will receive:

  • A personally assigned writer with an academic background in your career field and strong experience in producing CV’s for others like you
  • The opportunity to upload to your writer any and all information that you feel may be relevant to your CV and to the position(s) for which you are applying
  • Direct communication with your writer throughout the process
  • Drafts of your CV for your review and comment
  • Final approval totally within your hands, along with the right to request any alterations/revisions you may wish
  • Final delivery according to your deadline requirements
  • Several versions of your CV if they are warranted, in order to highlight specific background that is uniquely relevant for different position opportunities

CV writing requires a high level of organization, some creativity, and the ability to produce scholarly English composition. You are in the “big leagues” now, and if you have any reservations about your ability to produce a CV that will showcase your accomplishments in a fluent, cohesive and creative way, then you definitely need to contact us right away. Getting past the screening and onto that interview depends on it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find an expert for my CV?

Of course! We have connected with great writers who have HR experience and know what hiring managers need. They understand how to format your CV and write about your experiences to ensure you get the positive attention you deserve.

Is your CV writing service legal?

This is absolutely a legal service. Not only that, ordering help with your CV can help you compete against other professionals for the best jobs. We’d love to help you succeed in your job search by helping you compose a winning CV.

How fast can you complete my CV?

This depends on the length of your CV, your instructions to us, and a few other specifics. That said, we have great experts who specialize in working on urgent tasks. For the most part, you should plan on giving your writer at least 24 hours to complete your CV, more if you need additional versions.

How much will the final CV cost?

This will depend on the length of your CV, urgency, and other factors. Please keep in mind that we work very hard to provide you with excellent value while also ensuring that we can connect you with writers who are consummate professionals.