Privacy Policy

Personal and Financial Privacy Policy

The purpose of this web page is to inform customers and potential customers about the information we gather from them when they visit our website, and also when they conduct business with us. This page will contain information on the type of data that we gather, how we use that data, and the methods that we use to make sure all personal and financial information is kept safe. Our personal and financial privacy policy applies to the following individuals/entities:

  • Any individual, entity, or representative that we have conducted business with now or at any point in the past
  • Any individual, entity, or representative who is visiting this website for any reason
  • Any individual, entity, or representative who shares information with us, or requests information from us through any means, via online form, telephone, or live chat

Our Purpose for Gathering Aggregate and Other Types of Non Identifying Data

Our goal is to make sure that every visitor to our website has the best possible experience. In order to accomplish this, we must collect non identifying data as visitors enter our website. The data we record allows us to determine the time of day during which visitors come to our website, the types of devices and which browsers they are using, and how much time they spend on our website. This form of data collection is not unusual. The majority of online businesses gather this type of information. Here is what we are able to determine using this data:

  • Who is visiting our website using mobile browsers and other similar devices and how long they visit – Lets us know if we need to optimize the site for these types of devices.
  • How long visitors take to view each web page on the site – This is how we know if their might be navigation or performance issues.
  • How many visitors we receive in a given time frame
  • The percentage of visitors we receive in total compared to the number of people who become customers.

What this information allows us to do is this: We can evaluate the efficacy of our site in communicating with browsers and devices; we can review and revise content and organization of our site; we can determine how to enhance customer experience.

Information on the Storage of Personal Customer Information

When a customer places an order with or seeks information from us, we must collect personal information from them. The purpose of this information is to process and honor order requests, to respond to communications, and to provide valuable information to our customers. In order to conduct business, we need to collect and retain the customer’s full name, email, cell phone number, and other similar data. In addition to using this information for processing orders, we also use this information when our writers need to communicate with our customers, and to contact our customers when they can download their finished product.

Protecting Customer Information

We understand the lasting, negative effects of a breach of customer information. Because of this, we take every reasonable step to make sure that our customers' personal information is kept safe. First, we never provide identifying customer information to any third party. In addition to this, we also have internal safeguards. These safeguards include encrypting customers' last names from staff members, and securing customer accounts with secure pass phrases. We take these steps in order to earn the confidence and trust of our customers.

Our Use of Email Addresses

In addition to using our customers' email addresses to communicate with them about orders, billing, and writer communications, we also use email addresses to inform customers about changes to our policies, and special discount offers, sales, and reduced prices. If customers wish to do so, they can opt out of receiving this information. However, we cannot be held responsible if customers miss out on important information when they exercise their right to this option. Email addresses are never shared with a third party without prior consent.

Payment Processing

When a customer makes a payment to, we use an independent vendor to process these payments via a secure system that is equipped with the latest SSL and data encryption technology. We accept all standard forms of payment including PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards, eChecks, and wire transfers.

Questions or Complaints Related to Our Privacy Policy

Any time a customer has a question or complaint regarding our privacy policy we encourage them to contact us immediately. Any issues that are brought to our attention will be immediately investigated, and we will resolve the issue as quickly and as fairly as possible. To date, we have never received a complaint relating to a privacy breach, but we have access to independent investigators should the need arise. All of our research and testing indicates that our website is secure from hackers.

Links to Other Websites

For a variety of reasons might publish links to websites external websites. The presence of these links are not an indication that we endorse or support the claims made on these websites. Our privacy policy and our legal obligations extend only to the web pages owned and administered by When customers leave our website they are wholly responsible for the risk they are assuming.

Please visit this web page on a regular basis to review any updates to our privacy policy. Questions and concerns should be directed to our customer service staff members. They are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions. Security of customer information is a top priority for us.




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