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Chapter 3 – the “Meat” of Your Project – Methodology

In your dissertation proposal, you outlined the methodology you intended to use in your research. Chapter 3 of your dissertation expands upon that methodology and gives the reader a detailed picture of your procedures and your instruments. Here, you must specify your model. Will you use experimental and control groups? Will you have matched pairs? Will you have only one group that will be studied and/or surveyed? You will also have to justify why your methodology is the best one to use for the purposes of your research. As well, you will have to devise and include any instruments that you will using during the implementation phase. These instruments will have to be carefully designed, so that they will give you the specific data you need to perform an analysis. In this chapter, you will also need to address any limitations and/or nuisance factors that may present themselves and how you plan to address them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find an expert for my dissertation methodology chapter?

This is arguably the essential chapter of your dissertation, and we are happy to be able to match you with someone who can help you. Your writer will have research experience in your field and will be able to offer objective insights into your chosen methodology and research instruments.

Is your dissertation methodology service legal?

Occasionally, students want to be assured that they are with their rights to ask us for help with their dissertation methodology chapter. We can state with absolute certainty that you are legally allowed to seek out help from a writing service. Our goal is not to do the work for you, but to help you perfect your methodology and instruments so that you can conduct meaningful research.

How fast can you complete my dissertation methodology chapter?

You will get the best results if your writer is not pressed for time. This will allow them to understand your research goals, and work in your best interests. Of course, we will never accept an assignment if we are unable to complete it in time.

How much will the final dissertation methodology cost?

Your cost may vary. We charge a flat rate based on the number of pages for most orders. That fluctuates depending on the amount of time we have to write, and how complex the work is. You may also choose to purchase supplemental products and services.