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Those Pesky Multiple-Choice Tests!

Most college instructors now provide students with password-protected portals for several purposes – to participate in discussions, to communicate, to submit written assignments, and to take those multiple-choice mid-terms and finals. If you hate these tests, are not a good test-taker, or just have not studied enough to ensure a good grade, then you can find your own subject area expert at to take that test for you. In fact, we are one of only a very few writing services that offer this service to high school and university students.

How it Works

  • Once the test is ready for you to access on your portal, you contact us and place the order for your test-taker. During the ordering process, you will be asked to specify the content the test will cover as precisely as possible (e.g., Psychology – Personality Disorders; U.S. History – colonial period; College Algebra – absolute value equations and inequalities)
  • You provide the time frame during which the test must be completed, and be certain to let us know if the test is timed or not. You will also provide your access information only to a single administrator who will securely access your portal for your personal test-taker. No one else will ever have it.
  • We locate the perfect academician for the content and your academic level.

The test is taken, your portal is closed out, your information is discarded, and you are informed that it is completed.

When you want and/or need a great grade on a multiple-choice test, in order to maintain your grade-point average or to give that average a needed “spike,” you can count on to find the perfect expert to get you that grade. Get in touch with us at any time to schedule your test taking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find an expert for my multiple choice question assignment?

We receive hundreds of orders for multiple choice question assistance each month. These come from students in a wide range of grade levels, and cover virtually every topic under the sun. We are happy to say that we are always able to find a qualified expert to help you work on your assignment.

Is your multiple choice answering service legal?

It is legal for us to offer assistance to students who need help answering multiple choice questions. That is why we are happy to help you with yours. However, we do reserve the right to refuse certain orders if we believe the answers will be used to pass certain examinations for licensing and certifications in specific professions.

How fast can you complete my multiple choice test?

This depends on the number of questions, the format of the test, and other factors. However, if we accept an order, we guarantee that it will be completed on or before the deadline.

How much will the final multiple choice assignment cost?

Again, this depends on the length of the assignment, grade level, complexity, and testing format. If you submit an order for bids, the bidders will quote you a price directly. We will also provide a price to you if you allow us to assign your order automatically.