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At, we have one mission – to promote individual student success, one exceptional paper at a time! And so far, we have accomplished that mission, with a customer satisfaction rate well into the 90th percentile. You can join our list of thrilled customers – place your first order with our writing service and prepare to be blown away as we write it for you!

Writing a paper is seldom exciting or fun for students, unless the topic is one that really motivates them. In fact, most students write a minimum of 30 papers by the time they earn their undergraduate degrees, and most of them are not in their major fields. How exciting is that? Not so much! And that is how and why online paper writing services came to be!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

Just like the classic western movie with this title, custom writing paper services come in all varieties. The “bad” ones are those that are just outright scams – offering all kinds of academic writing for cheap prices and then delivering nothing but crap writing, usually plagiarized. They count on enough one-time “suckers” to keep the money rolling in. The “ugly” companies are those that know that writing papers for money is lucrative, but are unwilling to invest the time and investment in finding really qualified writers. Instead, they rely on amateurs, many of them are foreign students. Their other tactic is to establish a huge database of essays and papers for which they have paid very little, and to re-sell the same products over and over again. We don’t need to remind you about the danger in that practice!

Now, about the “good” paper writing services such as We are a rare breed in this industry, but we do have a business model that focuses on ethical and professional treatment of every customer. This treatment drives all that we do as we give help with writing papers to hundreds of students every week. It’s important that we define these two terms so that you understand exactly how we do business and write papers:

  • Professional
  1. In this business, the most important part of being professional is the writing staff we employ.  Most of our writers are freelancers – some work full time for us because they are retired from their career fields; others work part-time, as they are still in their career positions. They include teachers, professors, journalists, authors, etc. who love to research and write in their fields and who are extremely good at what they do!
  2. This term also refers to how we treat our clients. Each one is equally important to us whether s/he is in need of a basic term paper for U.S. history or a major graduate-level research project in biogenetics. Each customer will receive a writer fully qualified for the task at hand, and each customer will have open communication with that assigned writer, as necessary, for him/her to write the perfect assignment.
  • Ethical
  1. We believe we are the best paper writing service on the planet, because our ethical standards are impeccable. First, we guarantee that every sentence, every paragraph, every section, and every page is completely original, custom-written for each client. Citations of sources are accurate, and NEVER will any part of any piece of writing we deliver ever be seen anywhere else.
  2. When we deliver a piece of writing to a customer, it has been checked for authentic research and original writing. It also belongs only to the customer who ordered it. We do not keep copies of anything produced for a client, so there is never a chance that it will be “found” somewhere else
  3. We are obsessed with the privacy and confidentiality of our customers – personal and financial information is sacred above all else. Your identity will never by compromised in any way and we use on the best SSL encrypted payment processing system – the same one used by all of the big retailers on the Internet.

Writing papers for money comes with lots of responsibility to customers, and we do not shirk any of those responsibilities!

Help with Writing Papers is an Easy Process at

When you experience trouble when you write a paper, you just get on our site and go to the “Place Order” page. There you will find a form with many fields to fill in. Giving us the kind of detail we ask for will only make your custom writing paper order clear for your writer, so that, in the end, they will write exactly what you want. The remainder of the process is really quite easy:

  • As soon as the order is submitted, you are welcome to choose one of our writers – a writer who has the necessary background for your topic and academic level.
  • We set up a personal account page for you on our site where you can do several things – talk with your writer, contact our customer support department, track the progress being made on your paper, add any additional details you may have forgotten, receive your finished paper, approve it, and then download it for printing out or for uploading it to your course assignment dashboard at your school.
  • You may also request revisions to your assignment if something is not quite right, and your request is processed immediately for quick turnaround.

Don’t Forget – We Also Edit and Proofread

If you have finished writing a paper, and you are not sure that it is good enough for great grade, then you may order editing – another feature of our writing services. Simply place your order, upload the paper, and we will have a pro on it ASAP.

Are We the Best Paper Writing Service?

We certainly believe we are. Over many years we have enlarged our offerings and have refined our policies and procedures to keep up with the evolution of academic writing in general and with the nature of our business specifically. When students use our writing service, they know they are getting the highest quality of work to be found.

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Thank you for your great work!#2393 Customer feedback:

" This was great – I didn't know that someone could write a good, unique biochemistry paper in such a short time. If you need a science paper, I definitely recommend this writer. If I need another one I'll know who to come to. "

2:37 PM Sep 25, 2016
Such a caring team.#35996 Customer feedback:

" I was really surprised by how good the research was on this paper – I never have time to do all the reading it takes, and it's not easy to find some of the materials here. Great job! "

3:00 AM Mar 16, 2016
Highly recommended#56785 Customer feedback:

" When I first submitted the paper I got some things wrong in the description, but this writer was really understanding and chatted with me for a while to make sure that everything was done right. Really conscientious, I was very pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended. "

1:10 AM Mar 11, 2017
Not your average service#45380 Customer feedback:

" The literature paper I got from this writer was my best all semester. My professor even complimented me on it, and I think she hates me! Good job, I'll definitely get another one. "

1:00 AM Oct 05, 2016
Will come back soon! =)#901275 Customer feedback:

" We had some problems halfway through, but I caught them on the monitoring and this writer was super nice about correcting them. We chatted a little bit and everything turned out fine. My paper was really well done. "

12:20 AM Mar 15, 2015
My Philosophy Class Is a Success!#95633 Customer feedback:

" I had to take a philosophy class, so I got this writer to do it for me based on his portfolio. It was really good – I actually got interested and read some of the stuff he referenced in it. Pretty cool, definitely recommend. "

2:36 PM Aug 01, 2017
Perfect history writer!#1000005 Customer feedback:

" I saw that this writer had a good portfolio of history papers, so I got her to write the final for my history requirement. I was a little nervous, but I saw that she took her time and did a lot of research to make the paper really good. We chatted a little bit, and it turned out that she knows more about American history than I do! Really good writer for history, I recommend her. "

7:40 AM Dec 12, 2015
Love the system!#856993 Customer feedback:

" This writer is great. Always answers my questions about how things are going, keeps me posted, and does a really good job of making the paper professional. I monitored his progress, and he was working all the time. Really good paper. "

4:00 AM Apr 14, 2017
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