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If You Need Help For Your College Essay, We are Your Answer!

If you need high school or college essay help, you have lots of options:

  • You can ask a friend or roommate, if they have the skills and the time!
  • You can go to Great Aunt Sally who was an English teacher 25 year ago
  • You can get a book at the library or online that will give you essay writing help in a general way
  • You can hire a tutor for a minimum of $25 an hour for each essay you have to write
  • You can “go it alone” and hope for the best (which probably won’t go well)
  • You can come to and get the best college essay help online to be found!

College Essay Help. What You Need to Know

First, let’s be clear! The ability to write well is the fortune of only a small percentage of students. It is not, moreover, a sign of intelligence. We all have different intelligences, and that’s what makes this world so great! You may be good at math, music, psychology or some other subject. You have a specific “intelligence.” In fact, there are over 160 specific “intelligences” that have been defined by educators, and skill in the use of words in speaking and writing is only one of those. And much of what makes good writing is not an “intelligence” at all, but, rather, the ability to know and use the “rules” for scholarly writing. So, if you need help writing an essay, it simply means that one of these 160 “intelligences” is not your “thing.”

What You Don’t Need to Know

If you are not a good writer, and if writing is not going to be a part of your career choice, then you have to ask yourself why you need to be a good writer at all. This is a fair question, but, unfortunately, every teacher and professor you have will want you to be a good writer – that’s why they keep assigning all of those essays and papers you hate to write. The smart move is to get help with essay writing from a professional writing service, and that service is You don’t need to know how to write – you need other people who do!

What to Look for When You Want College Essay Help

When you look for college essay help online, you will want to make sure that you choose a writing service that will give you a personalized and customized experience. Here are some clues:

  • Pricing:You cannot settle for any essay writing help that comes so cheap the prices are almost too good to believe. You will get exactly what you pay for, just like you do when you purchase anything else. One cheap price, no matter what you order, is a sure sign that you are going to get bad quality or plagiarized writing.
  • Writing Quality on the Site:Would you get a haircut from a hair stylist whose own hair is horrible? Would you go to a dentist whose own teeth are discolored and ragged? Of course not. So why would you pay for help with essay writing from a company whose own website has poor writing?
  • Contact:A reputable writing company will be happy to speak with you via telephone, email or live chat. If you only have the opportunity to place and order and then wait, forget it!

What You Get at

Essay writing help at features the following:

  • Your price is based upon what you order, not a set rate per page. An essay that does not involve research, for example, will cost less than a research paper. There are other variables as well, but the important thing is that differentiated pricing is fair and professional.
  • You will always have a single assigned writer who is qualified to write in the topic field
  • You will always have at least three ways to talk with us – email, telephone, or live chat.
  • You have direct access to your writer
  • You have guarantees – no plagiarism and total confidentiality being two important ones.
  • We will always meet your deadline, no matter how short it is
  • Help with an essay or paper is as little or as much as you want. We do everything from just the research to writing the entire piece, or are happy to edit and proofread something you have already written
  • You can always request changes to your essay after it is delivered. Just tell us what should be revised and it will be done.

Don’t Take Our Word for it – Test Us!

If you want first-hand proof of our quality, don’t just read what we say about ourselves or the testimonials on our site. Place an order for an essay or paper assignment that has a long due date time. Set any deadline you want, and watch us go to work for you! Your finished product will amaze you, and you will understand why we are considered the top place for help with essay writing on the web. Call our customer support department and discuss any writing need you have and see how professional and responsive we are; contact your assigned writer through your personal account page and experience the professionalism of our expert staff.

We Want a Relationship With You! does not rely on one-time customers. We know that students who need essay writing help (or any writing, for that matter) need it for many courses and for all of the years they are in school. We want to be the writing service that you know you can always come to, that you can rely on to give you high quality, and that will come through for you no matter how urgent your need may be. We are here for the “long haul!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find an expert for my essay topic?
We receive dozens of orders from students each day requesting essay assistance. These essays are on a wide range of topics. We are happy to say that we can fulfill every request. We work with a diverse team of talented writers that have expertise in so many academic disciplines. You can count on us to help with your paper no matter the subject.
Is your essay writing service legal?
Yes. If we accept your order, you can be sure that using our subject is legal. Our purpose is to provide you with academic guidance and assistance.
How fast can you complete my essay?
Do you have an urgent need? Relax! We can help. We have writers who specialize in completing urgent requests. Send your order, and we promise we will complete it by the deadline.
How much will the final essay cost?
Your final cost will depend on the number of pages you order, your grade level, and how quickly you need your final draft. You may also choose to order additional products that will come at a premium. Keep in mind that we will provide you with an exact price quote when you place your order. If you take bids on your project, you are free to pick one which is within your budget.
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