Money back Guarantee

From the time we receive a customer order to the time we deliver the final product, our goal at is to exceed every customer's expectations. The writers that we employ are keenly aware that the quality of the papers they deliver may have a large impact on a customer's academic standing. When customers trust us to write their essays, research papers, and term papers, we honor that trust by going to great lengths to research, write, and proofread written works that students can turn in with great confidence. It is our guarantee that our papers are original, written to order, and free from spelling and grammar mistakes. One item that greatly improves our ability to deliver papers that are of the highest quality is customer participation. It is our expectation that customers will provide detailed instructions, respond to questions in a timely manner, and inform us of any needed changes. Failure on the part of the customer to meet these expectations will have an effect on delivery time and refund requests.

Due to a variety of factors, it is our policy at that we do not offer refunds once an ordered product has been completed and delivered. This is due to the amount of time and effort we take with each paper. In addition to our efforts, customers should keep in mind that we are not privy to an instructor’s specific preferences, only what our customers tell us. Because of this, we encourage our customers to thoroughly review their papers and consider making revisions. We apologize, but we cannot and will not issue refunds based on the grades a customer receives.

Quality and Satisfaction

All of us at want to provide each customer with written deliverables that exceed the most rigorous standards of quality. Our goal is to achieve a customer satisfaction rating of 100% with each business transaction. We will collaborate with every customer during and after the writing process to make sure they will receive the paper they both expect and desire. We have developed a loyal customer base that exceeds industry standards and we are very proud that our customers return to do business of us at a rate of over 85%.

Errors/Issues on Our Part

We do recognize that errors can occur on our end during the placement of an order. When this happens, we will act quickly to make sure that a fair refund is issued. Our policy is to provide a full refund on any order we are unable to assign to a writer or unable to complete. This policy does not include situations in which a customer's failure to respond to communications or changes in writing instructions negates our ability to complete the order.

Order Cancellations

While it is regretful, we realize that there are occasions when customers must cancel an order. Before they take this step, it is our hope that our customers will give us the chance to fix any problems that have occurred. Customers should remember that we have customer service staff available to help with any problems or concerns. In addition to having caring staff on hand, we have also taken care to ensure that our order entry system and our customer portal are extremely user friendly. If an order cancellation is absolutely needed, a representative will inform the customer as to the amount of refund they are entitled. Refunds can take a week to process. 

If an order cancellation request comes in before we have assigned it to a writer, we are happy to honor a request for a full refund. Unfortunately, when work has begun, we are obligated to compensate the writer and support staff for their time and efforts. For this reason, we must prorate customer refund requests according to the following guidelines:

  • offers a refund from 50 – 75 percent if less than half of the time from the order date to the paper's due date has elapsed.
  • If more time than that has elapsed our policy is to refund somewhere from 10 to 50 percent.
  • We are unable to offer refunds once the work has been completed

Duplicate Orders

Every once in a while an issue occurs that causes a duplicate order to appear on our system, or a duplicate bill to be issued to a customer. In both cases, we will issue a full refund once we are informed and given the proper documentation. However, there is one caveat: the issuance of refunds depends on the customer informing us in a timely manner. If work begins on a duplicate order, it is possible that the customer's refund will be prorated. When a customer is qualified to receive a refund for any reason, it is our wish that they will choose to apply that refund to their account as credit to be used towards a future order.

Missed Deadlines

It is our policy to meet deadlines with no excuses. However, there are rare situations in which we are unable to do so. When this happens, we will happily offer a refund based on the amount of work that we have finished. For example, if we are unable to complete a paper within one day, we will offer to reduce the customer's price to that of a paper with a forty eight hour deadline. Other refunds will be prorated in a similar fashion. When it comes to large orders, we may need to apply different refund policies. Customers should speak to our CSR staff about that. One final reminder, any delay that is due to the inaction or action of a customer nullifies any entitlement to a refund.

We understand that deadline dates change. In the event that a customer needs to adjust a deadline date, we will try to accommodate him/her. Unfortunately, we are unable to grant refund requests when this happens. Also, if the deadline date change is due to a change in the customer's instructions, we may not be able to issue a refund, and we may be forced to charge additional fees. In order to avoid this situation, we suggest that customers place orders with us as soon as they are aware that they need our assistance. Then, we also suggest that deadline dates are set with enough leeway to ensure that revisions can be performed and that changes can be requested. Our customer service agents are happy to help customers determining the hours required to finish their paper. Most importantly, we want our customers to know that the best quality papers require time and effort on the part of our writers.

Customer Grades/Scores

At, we make no guarantees relative to the scores or grades our customers might receive on a product that we provide to them. On the other hand, we are in the business of helping young men and women achieve academic success. If a customer receives a failing grade, we encourage him/her to send us proof of that grade via text message, print screen, or a forward of an instructor's negative comments. When we receive this data, we may consider offering a discount or a credit.



In cases where plagiarism has been alleged, we will require a report. Please keep in mind that we will also do our own independent investigation on any accusation of plagiarism including gaining our own originality report. If we do determine that plagiarism has occurred, we will issue a full refund. If the TurnItIn report is not conclusive, we may consider issuing a partial refund or a credit.

When a customer is not happy with the final draft of their paper, we will do one revision for free. Other options are offering a refund or assigning the paper to another writer. What we need to know is the reason for the customer's dissatisfaction. In addition to this, we also need evidence that the customer has completed the paper independently.

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