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What is an Admissions Essay?

When colleges screen students for admission, they want to know more than test scores and grade point averages. They want to know something about the students themselves. One way for admissions personnel to accomplish this is to ask each student who applies to write an admissions essay. The admissions essay is an autobiographical one that keys in on a specific aspect of the writer’s background, experiences, values, and belief systems. The student writes to demonstrate that s/he is a good fit for the college or university. Students who write an admissions essay are trying to convince a committee of one or more of the following:

  • Their values have been internalized through experiences and accumulated wisdom to date
  • That they will be an involved student
  • That they have a history of ethical behavior
  • That education, family, and community service is a priority
  • That they are active and well rounded
  • That they will easily integrate into the school's culture

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