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About the Complexities of Writing an Article

When a writer has successfully completed an article, readers will effortlessly digest that article and want to read more. Unfortunately, it is rare that a layperson accomplishes this goal. This is because article writing is a task involving a specific style and lots of creativity. Often, it is best left to professional writers.

Anybody who has taken a high school journalism course may believe that an article is all about answering the “five w questions (who, what, where, when, and why)”. While this approach works for a formal journalism assignment, it doesn't work when it comes to writing online articles. This is because an online article is meant to engage the reader and inform them about a particular product or service at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find an expert to write my article?

Yes, and we are happy to do so! We have connected with freelance writers who specialize in researching and writing article content to help small businesses build name recognition. We are happy to connect you with the ideal writer for your topic. If you prefer, you may select a writer yourself, using our bidding process.

Is your article writing service legal?

Don’t worry. All of our writing techniques, and SEO methodologies are completely legitimate. We only operate in a way that is completely legal and ethical. Please remember that although we are open to writing a wide range of content for businesses of all types, we cannot write about anything that involves encouraging criminal activity, is fraudulent, or otherwise fails to meet standards of social responsibility.

How long will it take to write my article?

We look at each order individually. The amount of time it will take often depends on the length of the article, the topic, the amount of research to be done, and whether you would like us to images. There are some other factors to consider as well. With that in mind, if we accept your order, we will deliver it on or before the deadline.

How much will my final article cost?

Again, this will really depend on the length of the article, and any supplemental content or services you choose. Feel free to enter your order, and we can provide you with a price quote. Some of our clients choose to allow freelance writers to submit bids instead. This allows them to hand select a price and proposal that meets their needs.