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Proofreading is not a Task if You have the Time – It is an Academic and Professional Necessity

You have taken the time to study your topic and write a term paper, research paper, or essay that you are proud of. Unfortunately, you instructor may “pop a hole in your balloon” if there are grammatical, spelling, citation, or typographical errors. Let prevent this by taking your writing and perfect and polish it for you. When you use our proofreading services, you gain the benefit of an objective second set of eyes to ensure that any academic work – research summary or proposal, thesis, dissertation, lab report or case study, to name a few – will be free of any errors that will detract from the work you have accomplished. As well, while we are proofreading your submitted writing, you have time to attack other coursework.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find an expert to proofread my paper?

All of your hard work on a paper can be nullified if it has spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or uses phrasing that isn’t appropriate for academic writing. That’s why so many students seek out our help in proofreading their papers. Good news! We have a team of detail-oriented writers and editors who are happy to provide that service to you.

Is your proofreading service legal?

Yes, it is. You may use our proofreading service without fear of any legal or academic repercussions. It is completely legitimate. We are simply checking over original writing for errors, inconsistencies, awkward wording, and other issues. Further, we have made a firm commitment to operate a company that is ethical, and committed to social responsibility.

How fast can you proofread my writing?

This largely depends on the length and complexity of your writing. We can get through a five-paragraph essay fairly quickly. On the other hand, we need more time to help you perfect an entire thesis or dissertation. While we prefer to have plenty of notice to give you the best service, we can also accommodate urgent requests.

How much does proofreading cost?

Your final proofreading costs will depend on your grade level, the length of your paper, and your deadline. If you choose to use a proofreader that we assign, your total price will be provided to you when you place your order. If not, you may elect to publish your order to receive bids.