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Please find attached Strategic Financial Management Assignment - Word Document[ It includes Assignment Questions & Brief]
May 02.2019
A- Had to prepare P/L, SOFP & Cashflow Statement & B- Current issues faced by Irish companies due to Brexit. I got a Distinction which is above 70+ ( I got 80 out of 100), which is fantastic. I am the third highest in the class. The most top marks scored for this assignment was 84 and 2nd was 83 and then me and the other two people being the 3rd person in the course scoring an 80 out of 100. Issues Faced-The initially I got scared when Calculations were done incorrectly, but when I researched and found out the solution for Part A of my assignment on the internet, he managed to do everything correctly. After this, he had made some silly typo errors which I rectified via messaging box, by questioning him regarding referencing and figures which were included within the calculations. Overall I am delighted with the results that I achieved because of the writer. Could not have succeeded without your help. Also, the flow of the assignment and the command over the language was excellent for me.
bakery department budgeting related Q&A
May 02.2019
Research Paper
very good :)
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
May 01.2019
Apr 30.2019
Top quality writer who delivers high standard work
Apr 24.2019
Calculate Probability, Sampling Distributions, and Inference
Apr 21.2019
Research Paper
Perfect job.
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Apr 21.2019
Such an AMAZING job.
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Apr 14.2019
well written paper
Analyze Class Standing in Society
Apr 10.2019
Power Point presentation
Great job.
Analyze Mean, Median, and Mode
Apr 10.2019
Research Paper
Outstanding job. Thank you.