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Signature Assignment: Prepare a Community Prevention or Promotion Proposal
Jun 15.2020
Research Paper
Excellent job.
Option #1: Random Password
Jun 23.2020
Amazing work! Truly could not have been better!
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Jun 27.2020
thank you
Describing Descriptive Research
Jun 27.2020
Research Paper
Excellent job.
Assignment 5
Jun 28.2020
financial analysis of a company
Jul 01.2020
very organized and good writer 45151 and the writer finish my order within 6 hours very fast and the paper is very good highly recommend this write, thank you very much.
Mod 7 Follow Up Question 03 and 04
Jul 03.2020
Research Paper
This paper was very well written and the graphs just pushed over the top. This was well worth the price of an extra page. I'm totally impressed. Thank you very much!
Compose a Chart of Correlational Techniques and Statistical Methods
Jul 04.2020
Research Paper
Perfect job.
Describe Data Presentation for Both Descriptive and Correlation Designs
Jul 10.2020
Research Paper
Excellent job.
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Jul 13.2020
Very prompt! Completely saved me from not having anything to turn in after two other companies turned me down putting on a tight deadline. I can only rate 4 stars though as the assignment required an Excel file to be submitted and I was given an assignment in Word.