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Acute Response of Cardiovascular Respiratory System and Exercises to Enhance Aerobic Capacity
Jul 29.2020
Fantastic piece of work!
Data Analytics Benford's Law
Jul 28.2020
Case study
I got 100%
Explain Experimental Designs and Analysis
Jul 24.2020
Research Paper
Excellent job!
Psychology Statistics PSY3215
Jul 22.2020
Research Paper
managed to write my psych statistics PSY3215 paper in a day! very responsive
Statistics Project, Part 4: Correlation
Jul 20.2020
Great job, thanks!
Compose a Mock Interview of the Merits and Weaknesses of Quasi-Experimental Designs
Jul 16.2020
Research Paper
Good job.
Case Study.
Jul 15.2020
Research Paper
The only paper I am satisfied with, out of all of my orders.
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Jul 13.2020
Very prompt! Completely saved me from not having anything to turn in after two other companies turned me down putting on a tight deadline. I can only rate 4 stars though as the assignment required an Excel file to be submitted and I was given an assignment in Word.
Describe Data Presentation for Both Descriptive and Correlation Designs
Jul 10.2020
Research Paper
Excellent job.
Compose a Chart of Correlational Techniques and Statistical Methods
Jul 04.2020
Research Paper
Perfect job.