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The numerous papers I completed received positive reviews from customers as well as from professors. I am proficient in Healthcare&Medicine, Nursing, Law, Management, and other areas.

Craft the Introduction and Background
Jun 05.2021
Research Paper
Excellent work.
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Jun 03.2021
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
May 30.2021
the work I have received is great and professional. the writer also, answered my questions which i ask for clarification, the writer response is fast and happy to help and doing his best. the Oxessay is trustable website and has excellent and professional writers according to each subject area Thanks
Corporate financial management
May 25.2021
Term Paper
Good quality work included all the workings but was not completed in time
Contract law AND company law
May 25.2021
Good writing and clearly addressed the questions and tasks in the brief.
Econometrics - Child Welfare and Single Parenthood
May 24.2021
Research Paper
Work was great. Econometric analysis was good and the actual data found was fantastic. However, I wanted six pages of analysis ... I only got 3.5 pages of analysis. The graphs took up the remaining pages. I did not know the graphs are included as part of the “pages” — to the best of my knowledge, I thought it was simply words to pages. So I feel like I overpaid a lot ... I had to add my own analysis to the work to meet the requirements of my paper. But still, good work by the writer.
Operations Management - Business report
May 22.2021
Great work
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
May 15.2021
great thank you
Explain the key differences between management accounts and financial accounts and their usefulness to the users of financial information.
May 13.2021
May 13.2021
Excellent work!