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Research question: Can we replicate the classic findings showing that expectations have an effect on visual perception?
Jan 17.2022
Lab report
It is so rare to come across a real expert in this field, I was lucky and without the writer's and his knowledge and skills, it would be very difficult for me to cope with such a demanding subject as Research Methods. Professionalism and reliability at every point. Thank you!
Checkpoint Assignment - Corporate Finance
Jan 16.2022
excellent work
See the order instruction
Jan 05.2022
I just got a good grade from my instructor. Thank you so much for your efforts and timely responses my message and order. Thank you so much!!!!!
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Dec 14.2021
Great Job. was very helpful. will recommend.
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Dec 12.2021
Satisfied with the completed paper! Completed way before my set deadline as well and in a good quality.
Simulation Modeling for Financial planning
Dec 11.2021
Actually I apologize, I do not believe i need any improvements. Thank you
Proj Step 2
Dec 11.2021
well done
Math/Physic/Economic/Statistic Problems
Nov 30.2021
This was very helpful.
Nov 30.2021
So far I am happy and satisfied with your work ,but I would have to wait for my lecturer to mark the assessment and then I will let you know
Research question: Is there a difference in daily (high and low) smartphone user’s visual attention control
Nov 27.2021
Lab report
I am more than satisfied with the author's work. Laboratory report, which is not easy, was written at the highest possible level and worked out to the smallest detail at every point, especially on the scientific level. What is also surprising - very short writing time. Such knowledge, intelligence and talent are really rare (I have a comparison, hence my conclusions) and I was lucky to meet such a unique person here. I sincerely recommend this author to others.