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Prepare an Annotated Outline of Sampling Techniques
Aug 08.2020
Research Paper
Nice job.
Psychology Statistics PSY3215
Aug 04.2020
Research Paper
Prepare a Tutorial on Presenting Quasi-Experimental and Experimental Designs Data
Aug 01.2020
Research Paper
Excellent job.
Acute Response of Cardiovascular Respiratory System and Exercises to Enhance Aerobic Capacity
Jul 29.2020
Fantastic piece of work!
Data Analytics Benford's Law
Jul 28.2020
Case study
I got 100%
Explain Experimental Designs and Analysis
Jul 24.2020
Research Paper
Excellent job!
Psychology Statistics PSY3215
Jul 22.2020
Research Paper
managed to write my psych statistics PSY3215 paper in a day! very responsive
Statistics Project, Part 4: Correlation
Jul 20.2020
Great job, thanks!
Compose a Mock Interview of the Merits and Weaknesses of Quasi-Experimental Designs
Jul 16.2020
Research Paper
Good job.
Case Study.
Jul 15.2020
Research Paper
The only paper I am satisfied with, out of all of my orders.