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Corporate Social Responsiblity/ Activism
Aug 28.2020
Case study
A great model answer on case study with clear sign posting to guide and help me form my own work. Many thanks.
McKeever v. Northernreef Insurance Co SA [2019] Lloyd’s Rep IR 535 Under the assumption that the insurers have been granted a leave of appeal by the Court of Appeal, please write a report to the legal team working on the case indicating which points can be taken at the appeal level. In your report, you must make reference to the relevant legal authorities and explain how they can be of assistance in developing legal arguments on behalf of the insurers.
Aug 26.2020
Good quality dissertation. Appreciate.
How Important is it for Independent Cafe’s to Showcase a Strong Brand Identity in Their Interior Spaces?
Aug 17.2020
Dissertation Chapter - Literature review
I was very impressed by the time it took for my writer to complete my assignment, I had a three day deadline and it was sent to me a day early too! They included a nice range of sources, however I could tell by the end that things were slightly rushed as some paragraphs did not make much sense. I would definitely use again
ENG creative writing
Aug 07.2020
Thank you
Evaluating Opportunities & Market Segmentation/Targeting
Jul 24.2020
Nice Job!
Project Management
Jul 16.2020
I am very pleased with the improvements I asked for and the writer was very responsive towards my text and I am very happy with his job. Thanks alot.
Discussion: Defunding the police
Jul 15.2020
405.2 - Evaluate function of the complex payor system in US healthcare
Jun 30.2020
AWESOME JOB!!!! Thank you for all your help.
Employee Engagement
Jun 18.2020
Podiatric contraindications of local anaesthesia
May 17.2020
This was well presented.