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To what extend should computer aided design be implemented in the architectural education
Dec 09.2021
very good and recommendable
The financial component of money laundering which involves financial institutions
Dec 16.2021
Dissertation/Thesis proposal
It is a good job, however, with some details to improve. Research design is mixed up with many problems. In addition, the research design is a bit ambiguous. This paper uses secondary data, but it also shows a qualitative strategy, as is known its use involves in-depth interviews (exploratory). However, I am satisfied!
Corporate Social Responsibility (Mini Conference paper)
Dec 09.2021
Research Paper
The new writer actually delivered the product that i am hoping for. Thank you very very much.
i have not chosen a topic
Dec 15.2021
Hi I can give you 3 more days. I have got my days mixed up if you want to spend more time on it
Obstacles to diagnosing, identifying, and recognizing mental-health issues in children in the UK
Jan 12.2022
Dissertation/Thesis proposal
Thankyou A Merit score achieved , very happy with the outcome. All important /relevant points was addressed & clearly written.
Work Based Assignment - Living the Values
Oct 27.2021
Completed in record time and an excellent paper produced! However it did not pass due to the assignment brief not properly met.
the economic impact of us retail industry
Feb 24.2022
Government intervention
Feb 01.2022
Great essay with plagerism easily passed.
Nurse practitioner
Feb 03.2022
How much influence and control does democracy and legislation have within the UK planning system? An investigation on improper planning practices within local governments in the UK.
Feb 04.2022
Dissertation Chapter - Literature review
Thanks. Very good writer !