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The application of self-awareneess, emotional intelligence, resilience and crisis leadership as part of the leadership practices in the Apple Inc. organization (FOUR TOPICS)
Jan 05.2021
Critical essay
Commercial Law
Jan 05.2021
Little delayed but we managed. Solid paper.
Problem Statement
Jan 10.2021
Research Paper
Nice wrok!
Final Research Paper: How Does Remote Work Impact Work-Life Balance, Employee Well-Being, and Job Satisfaction
Jul 06.2021
Research Paper
The assignment lacked the detail the professor was looking for
Effectiveness of sponsoring by Company X
Jul 24.2021
Dissertation Chapter - Introduction Chapter
Good work
International Extradition: A Guide To U.S. And International Practice
Jan 13.2021
Although I noticed some misspelled words, missing punctuations, your work was good. No-one is above mistakes. Thank you for a well-written paper.
Write a report proposing a commissioning project or practice innovation and evaluate and critically review the chosen project.
Jan 19.2021
Critical essay
Great work, great presentation, even though I missed the deadline but is worth it. it was a complicated assignment but you smashed it. And to be honest I will recommend.
Understanding Criminology: Advanced level Introduction
Jan 22.2021
Criminology paper nicely done, responsible, willing to communicate.
Arrow: Uncertainty and the welfare economics of medical care
Jan 22.2021
good work!
Berlin case study
Jul 13.2021