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The Different Source of Variation in Gender Roles between the !Kung and Yanomamo
May 25.2023
Pretty good and clear essay
CV Package: CV + cover letter writing
May 23.2023
Amazing work, outstanding totally professional service. Highly recommended!
Globalisation - Essay Title - What were the causes and consequences of the growth of the US subprime lending market in the US in the early to mid 2000s?
Apr 25.2023
well writen essay and easy to understand. Really helped with my exam.
Methodology chapter
Apr 05.2023
Really helped bulk out my methodology - made revisions as asked.
construction law question uk contracts affected by sustainability proposals from uk government
Apr 04.2023
Dissertation/Thesis proposal
excellent written report plenty of advice and help
Cover letter writing
Mar 28.2023
Thank you so much that was a good work 👍
Research in Management / Economics, a Case of East Africa
Mar 19.2023
Dissertation/Thesis proposal
It took ages, too much time wasting and uncertainty around the paper. Luckily, I passed, getting only 50 something, and I am happy not to resubmit.
Research design
Mar 14.2023
Research Paper
Excellent writer who precisely followed the instructions. For this essay, I received a merit grade.
Applied criminology individual study. Literature- based dissertation
Mar 12.2023
Excellent work!
How constraint of labor mobility influence employee productivity?
Mar 11.2023
Been very honest and supportive