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John Locke Philosophy
Apr 09.2019
Making College General Education Free
May 10.2019
1000 feet rule for sex offenders in NY City- What is wrong with the policy
May 21.2019
Research Paper
There are many "facts" and numbers listed but no intext citations.
Claims of Value Essay
Jun 21.2019
Osama bin Laden vs Ayman al-Zawahiri (Compare and Contrast)
Jun 23.2019
Research Paper
Great Paper! Got a 95/100 and very low Turnitin score! Overall, worth the money.
Healthcare Disparity Issue Currently Pending Government Vote
Nov 26.2016
The letter was well written, but I asked for a 1 page business letter but it was submitted with a title page & header like a research paper, I originally attached a template but the writer's work deviated a bit from this format so I had to edit it. Also I included a rubric that asked for an "S" number associated with the Act/Bill the writer choose to write about so I had to do some research to find the S number. The more editing I do after its returned the lower my rating score
Briefly explain the societal marketing concept. Give an example of an organization that has effectively used the societal marketing concept.
Nov 06.2019
Great Paper! Got an "A"
Write an article
Nov 18.2019
Great paper
Why is bureaucracy popular in the army?
Nov 26.2019
Thank you.
final journal paper
Dec 13.2019
fixed my paper after not understanding the assignment and before the deadline too, thank you for asking for my directions and revisioning my paper. I really appreciate it.