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wrire a speech
Apr 12.2021
A1 as usual
Critical Reflection
Apr 09.2021
Reaction paper
Great Job!
For this assessment task, students will be required to write a short essay to define, interpret and explain the concept of public health. Students must support their arguments by citing peer-reviewed academic literature and/or official statistical resources (e.g. ABS, WHO etc.) as appropriate.
Mar 29.2021
Very good thank you
Critical Reflection Paper #2
Mar 26.2021
Reaction paper
received a 50/50. great paper. I did not have to make any additional edits to the paper before submitting it.
Discuss ways parents are impacted by virtual learning. (This may be positive, negative or both).
Mar 26.2021
The service was outstanding. Unfortunately I was expecting an A on the paper. I normally purchase drafts to work on. I won’t recommend if your goal is to just submit the draft. It’s best to use their ideas and add your finishing touches in order to make it better. An 80% deserves three stars even though I made a lot of changes to it because my professor was not satisfied with the paid essay.
motivational theories: social cognitive theory
Mar 24.2021
Research Paper
Human Sexuality Critical Reflection Paper #1
Mar 16.2021
Reaction paper
I received a 49/50. My professor liked the paper
Stress Management
Feb 23.2021
Power Point presentation
great job
Social Inequality
Feb 23.2021
lovely work highly recommend.
Feb 15.2021
Great Job