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I provide well-written essays and research papers on Education, Literature, English, Business, Communications&Media, and other areas. Also, I am proficient in rewriting, editing, and proofreading.

Unit 3 and 4 Journal Entry
Dec 18.2016
good service
Week 6 Assignment: Explain Ethical Issues with Subprime Loans
Dec 11.2016
Research Paper
The paper needed some grammar and APA style corrections. Overall the paper was excellent. I was extremely satisfied. Thank you.
Affordable Care Act
Dec 01.2016
well written. I received good feedback
Christians in a High Tech World.
Nov 30.2016
African Americans after the Civil War: How were they affected by Reconstruction policies? How were they affected after the return of white supremacy? Discuss social, legal, and economic factors.
Nov 30.2016
The essay looks great. It seems to have met all the requirements and was completed on time. Hopefully the Professor feels the same. I had to make minor edits but overall everything looked fine. I will return additional feedback once the essay is graded. Wish me luck! Thanks again.
Nov 27.2016
Healthcare Disparity Issue Currently Pending Government Vote
Nov 26.2016
The letter was well written, but I asked for a 1 page business letter but it was submitted with a title page & header like a research paper, I originally attached a template but the writer's work deviated a bit from this format so I had to edit it. Also I included a rubric that asked for an "S" number associated with the Act/Bill the writer choose to write about so I had to do some research to find the S number. The more editing I do after its returned the lower my rating score
Nov 26.2016
thank you guys for your services. I made a perfect score on my speech for my public speaking class.
Family Communication
Nov 25.2016
Research Paper
Followed guidelines extremely well. Should use more in-depth citations for sources, but the content is still excellent. Thanks again for the very sensible examples and explanations.
You've got a ticket in your hand. Where will you go? What will you do? What will happen when you get there?
Nov 25.2016
Admission essay