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I provide well-written essays and research papers on Education, Literature, English, Business, Communications&Media, and other areas. Also, I am proficient in rewriting, editing, and proofreading.

wrire a speech
Apr 12.2021
A1 as usual
May 18.2020
Quick, and received an A!
Graduation speech
May 20.2020
Reflective writing
Thank you very much.
Recent Discovery in Cell biology: Alkanes increase the stability of early life membrane models under extreme pressure and temperature conditions
Apr 18.2021
Research summary
This essay was well written! Thank you so much, I appreciate the help.
Core Vales
May 26.2020
All I have to say is wow! Super quick and very well written! It looks like I might be coming back after all! Thank you so much!
Critical Reflection #4
Apr 20.2021
Reaction paper
Received an A
Everyday Physics
Jun 09.2020
Great job! Well written and in a timely fashion.
Discuss one of the topics below
Apr 24.2021
Exactly what I wanted. Such a great paper! Thank you so much!
AG classroom discussion post response. I will include initial question student was responding to. Do not disagree with student post. Pick something from students post to elaborate on and include a source within the last 5 years.
Jun 12.2020
close enough for me to make a few adjustments to complete the assignment. Used sources older than what I asked in the details.
Make a Wish
Apr 28.2021
Case study
Good job!