The Hidden Truth About Essay Writing Services: What Most of Them Don't Want You to Know

November 26, 2015
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The Hidden Truth About Essay Writing Services: What Most of Them Don't Want You to Know

There are dozens of academic paper writing services on the internet at any given time. Every single one of them promises college students that they will provide them with essays, research papers, and other documents that are guaranteed to help them earn the high grades they want. The majority of these services count on a few things:

  • Students are broke and always looking for cheapest price.
  • Desperation over writing assignments leads to making desperate decisions.
  • Many students will not research the claims that they make.
  • If a writing service develops a bad reputation, they can simply close up shop and open up again under a new name.

That's right! These writing services see students just like yourself as lazy, cheap, and incapable of taking a logical approach when it comes to dealing with your workload. Keep reading, if you can stomach it, to learn more about the rip-off tactics these companies use.

It All Starts With Rock Bottom Pricing

  • Essays at Pennies Per Page!
  • Dissertations for $100 dollars!
  • Research Papers Completed in Under an Hour – Only $25 dollars!

The people in charge of marketing and advertising for these services advertise these prices because they want to attract people with extremely cheap prices. What they do not count on is that smart students might be skeptical when they see these offers. For example, how does a company survive if they only charge pennies per page to write an essay? Let's break this down. In order to deliver an original essay to a customer that is guaranteed to be acceptable to a college instructor, there are several costs that must be considered. These include:

  • Paying the Writer
  • Paying for Overhead and Marketing
  • Paying for quality assurance and editing

Considering that each page of an essay is likely to take at least 15 minutes to write, is it realistic to assume that this is a a realistic offer? Of course it isn't. Now, the real question, how do these writing services offer these papers at such low prices, and how do they guarantee that these papers can be written so quickly?

The essays and research papers are not original. Writing services that make these rock bottom pricing claims, or who offer papers within an unrealistic period of time simply resell the same papers over and over again.

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What to Expect From Reputable Essay Writing Services

Good essay writing services will offer discounts, but their pricing will take into consideration the following things:

  • Writers will be college graduates and be paid a fair wage
  • All work will original and custom written
  • No impossible claims will be made about the amount of time that it will take to complete an essay or research paper.

Here is a good rule of thumb. If you are paying less than ten dollars per page for a research paper or essay, you should be suspicious. The writing service that you are using is taking shortcuts somewhere, and those shortcuts could destroy your academic career.

How to Research Writing Services

First and foremost, never do business with a writing service that makes the outrageous claims mentioned above. However, in addition to this, there are other steps that you can take to insure that you are dealing with reputable company...

  • Make sure their website is well designed and that all links work
  • Read customer review and commentary
  • Ask about originality guarantees
  • Read the blogs and other posts

Of course, the best method of determining whether or not a writing service is okay, is to simply contact their customer service or sales agents to see what they have to say. If the information they provide is realistic and reliable, there is a good chance that the company behind the website is also above board.