Do we Want to Lose The Fight Against Mental Illness?
Content the fight against mental illness photo

No reasonable person would say that we should lose the fight against mental illness. Unfortunately, if action is a measure of intention, it sure doesn’t seem like a battle we’re very interested in winning. Resources and funding for mental health treatment and support aren’t adequate.

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The Academic Decathlon – How to Prepare for the USAD Test
Content the academic decathlon   how to prepare for the usad test

Academic competitions are common. There are spelling bees and robotic competitions on a national level, for example. There are school-wide, regional, and state competitions. One of the most interesting national academic competitions is the Academic Decathlon, a product of the U.S. Academic Decathlon Association (USAD).

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The results of writing contest!
Content writing contest results

Thanks everyone for the participation in the writing contest by Essay Supply! Here are the results!

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King’s Western Fantasy Series “Comes of Age”
Content king s western fantasy series  comes of age

“I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I do not shoot with my hand. I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun. I kill with my heart.”

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Scholarship Essay Contest at - Cyberbullying Experience
Content 2017scholarship

We are pleased to inform you that this year we launch a unique possibility to tell your own story and become a winner of a scholarship that will help you to get a better education. Every year we look for more well-educated specialists to join our team. And this year we are not only looking, but helping to make a step forward to the dream you`ve had!

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TOK Essay Writing Guide For 2017
Content tok essay writing guide for 2017

TOK stands for Theory of Knowledge. The TOK essay was conceptualized by the International Baccalaureate. The essay is to be between 1200 and 1600 total words, and is written on one of the topics that the IB has established. These are also known as titles. If you are in an International Baccalaureate program at your school, achieving a good grade on the TOK essay is imperative if you wish to graduate with this endorsement on your diploma.

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Preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
Content preparing for the japanese language proficiency test  jlpt

Whether you have studied Japanese in school, have participated in a study abroad program in Japan, or may be moving to Japan for business or personal reasons, you may want to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

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10 Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying
Content 10 tips to help stop cyberbullying

Sharon J. of Philadelphia PA, USA, was at work when the call came in. Her 6-year-old son was attacked in class by his peer with a pencil. She was horrified. Racing to the school, and then into the nurse’s office she found her terrified little boy with a bandage on his cheek. The nurse said that a little more to the right and the other child would have taken out Sharon’s little boys’ eye.

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7 Effective Strategies For College Students
Content rsz 7 effective strategies for college students

Graduation is over and you are headed to college. A world that begins your transition from young adult, to adulthood. For many this is an exciting time. Time to be on your own and make your own choices. While it is going to be great not to have your mom walk in on you while you are doing God knows what, and to not have your dad looming by while you are talking on the phone with friends, becoming an adult comes with responsibility. Yeah, that word again. You will be running into that word the rest of your life, and then you will be passing it on to your kids one day. Before you settle into the daily grind of college life, and write essay number one, take time to go over these important steps that may keep you responsible and safe enough to finish college.

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Hack your mind: 13 tips to learn anything better
Content rsz hack your mind 13 tips to learn anything better

Just your luck to be stuck with a roommate that seems to have it all together all of the time. How in the world do they do it? All of their assignments seem to be on time. They seem to glide through their essays without banging their heads against the wall. Research seems to come easy to them, while it makes your eyes ache and your head feel like it’s going to blow up.

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