10 Great Study Tips for Students

November 04, 2015
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10 Great Study Tips for Students

10 Great Study Tips for Students

  • Create a Comfortable Yet Business Like Space to Study

If you grew up like many other students, you may have been taught that the ideal study spot is barren and isolated. Old logic said that the place that you studied must be quiet, well lit, away from distractions, and that any background noise was strictly forbidden. Hogwash! Blaring music and leaving your door open to visitors might not be a good idea, however there is nothing wrong or damaging with wanting to study with background music or with people nearby.

  • Tackle the Hard Tasks First

Before you begin studying, take a survey of the things you need to work on. Ask yourself which items stand out as being tedious, difficult, or time consuming. Then, focus on those tasks first. After that, you can work through all of the other items on your list with relative ease. After all, you have knocked out the ugliest task.

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  • Don't Forget SQ3R

Do you remember learning this in elementary school. SQ3R stood for survey, question, read, recite, and review. In other words you survey the textbook to get a basic idea of what you should know, you develop a set of questions about what you will learn, you read the text thoroughly, and then you verbally answer those questions. Finally, you review your notes.

  • Only Study Until You Know the Subject Matter

Studying a concept that you already know doesn't make you understand things more, it just steals the chance for you to work on other subjects or just relax. Consider using a flashcard app that will determine facts you no longer need to know.

  • Don't be Ashamed to Access Good Essays Online

Sometimes, you simply need help. If you need writing help, don't feel ashamed to look into using a service like to help you with your writing assignments. You can take advantage of the extra help by focusing on other important assignments.

  • Never Study on an Empty Stomach

There are few things that are more distracting than hunger. If you keep some healthy snacks on hand while you study, you will be more alert, and you will retain more information. In addition to this, scheduling snack breaks is a perfect way to give yourself the opportunity to step away from your work for a brief period of time. Then, when your break is over you can start studying again with a refreshed state of mind.

  • Recruit a Good Study Partner

Studying in pairs can be a great idea. You can quiz each other, discuss concepts, and keep one another on task. You and your study partner can even provide one another with some needed distraction. Just make sure that you and your partner can stay on task.

  • Organize Your Notes Using a Good App

Not only can you use an app like Evernote to take notes, you can organize those notes into projects. Better yet, you can share those notes in order to collaborate with others.

  • Consider Joining a Study Group

Study groups create a sense of camaraderie and accountability. This is a great way to force yourself to keep up academically.

  • Learn When Sleep Trumps Hitting the Books

All nighters are rarely effective. Know when to shelve the books and simply get a good night of sleep.