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4 Tips On Making Your Movie Review

December 18, 2015
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4 Tips On Making Your Movie Review

How to write a movie review

For many people, a review can be the making or breaking point of a movie as it is used to help the reader, or in other terms, a potential audience member gains insight about the film. Even the simplest phrase such as "The best" or "The worst" can be the words that help the potential viewer and audience member decide whether or not they will see the film. As a review writer or reviewer, your job is to give your opinion, as well as help the reader decide whether or not they should see the movie for themselves. These are a few tips on how to write an insightful movie review with many high-quality details.

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  1. Always watch the film first
    We've all seen this at least once. An article stating that a film that hasn't even come out yet is saying the movie is one of the best films ever to be produced. Or they use phrases and keywords that make it obvious they had never even watched the movie. This can be a huge turn off to an audience as they want to feel as though the opinion is honest about the film they want to watch. So don't base your opinions on what you hear, instead, take a couple of hours to watch the movie once for entertainment, and if you need to get once again a better opinion of it.
  2. Find out who your audience is
    All films are made with a different audience in mind, some differing with only minor details while others differ majorly. For example, you may write a movie review about "300" from an entirely different standpoint if your audience was a group of theater arts students instead of history students. A simple change can completely switch your mindset, and instead of thinking along the terms of "Is this historically accurate" or "did they dress that way." By changing the audience to theater students you begin to think in terms such as "Why did they choose to film there" or "why did they choose to kill those characters, but not those characters."
  3. Don't criticize or praise without detail
    We can all say whether or not a movie is good or bad. However, the reviewer wants to know why. Instead of saying "This movie was too long." Say something along the lines of, "There were too many subplots that pulled away from the actual story" or "Much of the dialogue could have been cut out and it wouldn't have made much of a difference." Even praise shouldn't exist without particular reason or insight. If you find a movie to be wonderfully entertaining, you may be tempted to write how great it was with no hesitation. However, you should still review it from a critique from a standpoint. Instead of saying something along the lines of "This movie was so fantastic, everyone should see it." You may want to say something like, "I enjoyed this film, it was quick to pull me into the story and kept me on the edge of my seat." to give your audience a more exact reason to see the film.
  4. Research the filmmaker
    Find out what other films they have made, take in the details of each film and how they improved with each film. Even use comparisons, by using phrases such as "One of the best films since his last feature presentation hit." or "The film was obviously an attempted repeat of their classic film" to allow the audience to derive a particular viewpoint on the movie based on the words you give them.

Following these easy steps allows to learn fast how to make a movie review, or a small reminder for those who alraedy familiar with the assignment.