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“Mentoring Teachers on Cultural Awareness”
Apr 20.2019
Article critique
Great synthesis of the articles. There were a few grammatical errors. However, the essence of the assignment was captured well. Thank you for your diligence and punctuality on this project.
Difference between the white hat, black hat, and grey hat computer hacker
Apr 14.2019
Research Paper
Assignment was mediocre, it seemed like a middle school student had written a lot of it. I had many grammar and sentence structure issues, what is the point of paying extra to get it done at a junior in college level, if its still going to be horrible. This service just keeps getting worse and worse, I am really trying to give it more of a chance but too many persistent failures.
Counseling and Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents
Apr 12.2019
Book review
Great Job!!
Ideas for the Project and How to Develop a Potential Project
Apr 12.2019
Reply post
Apr 12.2019
The standard Prison experiment
Apr 10.2019
A- not bad!!
Training and Development
Apr 10.2019
Paper was delivered on time and had very few grammatical errors.
Assignment: Analyzing the Scope of Violence in Sport
Apr 08.2019
good flow to it and to the point. Good job
Change Stories
Apr 06.2019
no introduction and development of topic
Biostatistical Methods
Apr 04.2019