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Research project of a creative industry: Quentin Tarantino
Dec 18.2019
I was very concern at first. I heard about the company, but just like everyone, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a scam. They did everything on time, followed all my guidelines, fast replies... And saved me a lot of time! Not cheap tho, but it makes its justice. I still had to change some small bits, for example, the text wasn't justified, but nothing major and it took me a few extra minutes. I'm very happy with that! Thank you very much!!!
Reflection on Consumer Purchase Decision Making Process
Dec 09.2019
Case study
Writer didn't understand much the theories, some points are not making any sense.
What were the benefits and costs of consumerism, and how did people deal with the challenges to old-time values?
Dec 02.2019
List and describe three ways in which the American society was affected/changed as a result of World War I. How did the government respond to the debate for and against America's entry into the War?
Dec 02.2019
Pediatric Nursing
Nov 27.2019
Case study
descriptive essay
Nov 26.2019
List and discuss three key arguments made by American anti-imperialists. How were these arguments addressed/countered
Nov 26.2019
List and discuss three key characteristics of Gilded Age politics. How were the excesses of this checked and controlled?
Nov 26.2019
In what ways did progressive reform succeed, and in what ways did it fail?
Nov 26.2019
Environmental Scan
Nov 21.2019
Research Paper
Marvelous writing!!!!