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The American Red Cross
Apr 13.2019
Good Job
Mid-Program Reflection. Due April 15 by midnight. Your foundation year is coming to an end. You are pre-paring for your advanced year in the MSW program.
Apr 15.2019
awesome paper, thank you very much . This writer did a excellent job
Social services for children and family of immigrant status
Oct 28.2019
Affordable Care Essay
Sep 29.2019
My paper was perfectly written. i received a perfect score on my assignment. Thank you!!
how artificial intelligence could help us or hurt us moving forward in the future
Apr 23.2019
My first time ever ordering an essay, I was a little skeptical at first, but this service worked out great. My essay was due in 24 hours, so I selected that and my writer had it completed and sent to me within 13 hours. Great service, I will be using it again. Thanks
May 10.2019
In what ways were the conditions of freed-peoples after the Civil War similar to slavery during the Antebellum era?
Apr 25.2019
The Writer did a good job with the paper, however, they did not use the assigned sources that were given for the essay. This has caused me to rewrite some areas in my paper and is a bit of an inconvenience. Especially being that their was enough time to read and use the sources correctly. Still the effort was greatly appreciated.
maternity/paid leave
Oct 13.2019
beautifully done!!!! way before the due date!!!
How have child pornography laws evolved in the U.S. legal system?
Apr 29.2019
Research Paper
What is a defense mechanism and what function does it serve? Give three examples of how defense mechanisms are used in everyday life.
Sep 30.2019
Great Job!