Revision Policy

Revisions – Our Goal is Your Satisfaction

We stay on top in this business, because of our commitment to customer satisfaction with all of the products we produce and deliver to them. Certainly, there are occasions in which a customer may not be completely happy with the final draft and may want to request revisions. These revisions can be requested right on the customer personal account portal, and the instructions for doing so are provided on that account page. The other option, as always, is to contact our customer support department directly and give a detailed explanation of the revisions you want. Please read through our Revision Policy below, so that you understand the procedures and the conditions for requesting revisions. 

Free Revisions

  • A customer may request revisions that are free in a number of instances. For example, if your original order requested 6 resources, and only 5 were used, that is our error and it will be remedied free of charge; if you requested MLA format, and that format was not used, the revisions will be quickly accomplished for free. If you wish your writer to alter the sequence in which points were covered, that is also free. Any revision request that does not alter your original order instructions is always free.
  • In very rare instances, there has been a mis-communication between customer and writer, and instructions were not clear to both parties. If the client’s definition of a particular type of writing differs from the writer’s definition, then providing specific definition within the revision request will certainly be honored.
  • If, for any reasons, you request a revision and wish to have another writer complete it, you are welcome to do so, and we will honor that request, so long as an appropriate writer is available.

Revision that Require an Additional Charge

  1. If a revision request changes the original instructions, and the writer must then follow new instructions to meet the request, there will be an additional charge, and the customer will be asked to remit additional payment before the revisions are made.
  2. If a revision request is a result of incorrect customer instructions in the order placement process, an additional charge shall apply.

Customer Guidelines for Revision Requests

  • The final draft of your order will be placed in your personal account page. Your obligation is to open it, review it, and request any revisions that you wish. Do not click the “approve” button if you want revisions. Instead, follow the instruction to request revisions, which are simple and easy to follow. Please specify the details of the revisions you want.
  • If, after further review of your product, once you have “approved” and taken delivery, you desire revisions, you will have 7 days to make that request. For longer orders (20+ pages), you will have 14 days. Please remember, however, that your requests must not constitute a change from your original order, if they are to be provided for free. Revision requests that come in after the deadline date for requests will constitute a new order and thus an additional charge.
  • We must apply additional charges to any revision request that changes the original order. Please understand that these mean additional work for the writer, and that writer is entitled to compensation for his/her time to complete them. The best procedure to request revisions that change the original order or that are outside of the time frame for requests is to contact our customer support department, so that you may get an accurate pricing quote. You will be asked to provide all details of the revisions you are requesting and, as well, to upload the original final draft that you received. These will be sent to your writer, so that the revisions meet your expectations.


  • It is important that you request revisions as soon as possible, so that there are no delays in completion that might impact your personal due dates.
  • Revisions are generally completed quite quickly, unless they entail substantial deviation from an original order. We urge our customers to always provide a bit of extra time, when they designate a deadline time/date, so that they have ample opportunity to review a final draft and request revisions, if they should be necessary.

Our customers report an extremely high rate of satisfaction with the products they receive from our writers. We understand, however, that there may be times when they want revisions. It is our firm policy to accept revision requests and to complete all revisions within the terms of these guidelines, so that any customer will realize full satisfaction. If you have any questions about the details of our Revision Policy, please get in touch with us for clarification.


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