At the top right corner, you may see your username, which means that you are logged into your account.

Profile Sections

All your profile details, contact information and experience overview are in the folder ‘My profile’. In this section, you may:

  • view your username, role in the system and activity state;
  • set up notification settings;
  • verify/update your phone number;
  • provide information about your experience/skills;
  • change your password.

All messages to and from different departments (HR, Billing, Support and Developer) are in the section ‘Support’. If you need to contact our representatives, you need to:

  • open this folder and click ‘Compose a message’;
  • choose a department you want to contact and a corresponding query;
  • type your message;
  • attach files if needed;
  • press the button ‘Send’.

Once a message is sent, you will see its status as ’New’.  When one of our representatives provides you with a feedback on this message, its status changes to ‘Progress’. You may open this message and continue communication with our administrators in the chatbox.

Important! All information concerning our working process, payment system, fines/bonuses policy and rules of collaboration with our company are in the section ‘System Guide’.

All information on our updates regarding working process and technical process are in the section ‘News’. Please, check all our notifications in a timely manner to be informed about all possible changes.