How can I contact a customer concerning order issues?

If you need some clarifications or you have some concerns regarding order related issues, you need to contact your customers via live chat. You have to open an order form and to find the chatbox where you can type your message. Please, note that effective communication with a customer is a key to your success; that is why you should always attentively read customer's messages and reply to all their requests using professional language as soon as possible. Be informed that any disclosure of your personal information (e-mail, phone number, bank account, etc) will lead to account termination as it is a violation of our policy.

In which cases should I contact Support Team?

All writers should be aware that support team has nothing to do with customer-writer communication. You can contact Support Team only when you experience any technical problems or when you have some questions regarding working process or payment system.

How do I contact Support Team?

You may contact different departments (Support, HR , Billing  or Development) via the inner messaging system on the website and address all your questions and concerns in the form of messages choosing a corresponding query.  If you want to create a new message, you need to open the ‘Support’ section, click ‘Compose a message’, choose the department, type your message, send it to us and receive our prompt feedback.

How can I take a project?

You need to check all available projects paying attention to all details and clients’ instructions in the folder ‘Get Orders’ in your account. Then, you have to choose an order that interests you and to place your bid. If you need more detailed instructions, please check our ‘Navigation’ section and read the guide ‘How to take an order’.

How many orders do I have to complete per week/month?

It is only you who decide how many orders you want to complete. We do not have any restrictions or limits on the number of orders you take per week/month.  

How to place a bid?

You have to open the order that you want to take and attentively check the order’s instructions. Then, you need to indicate your price per page for the project and press the button ‘Apply’ and your bid will go through.

There is no ‘Apply’ button in the order form. Why so?

Please, note that the button ‘Apply’ appears in 20 seconds after you have opened an order form. Please, check carefully all instructions and only then place your bid. If you still do not see the button ‘Apply’, please report this problem via messaging system to our Developer Department providing the screenshots of the problem.

What bid should I place to be assigned?

You may see ‘Recommended bid’ (the price we advise you to indicate) and ‘Minimal bid amount’ (the minimum price you can set) on the order form but it is only you who decide the bid amount.

Can I increase the total price to be paid?

Yes, you are welcome to encourage the customer to pay more by providing valid reasons and explaining why your offer is relevant.

Why does the total price for me differ from the cost paid by the customer?

This difference is a service commission that is taken to support all working processes (Website promotion, technical support, service expenses and etc.)

Is it possible to change or remove a placed bid?

If you need to revoke your bid, you have to click ‘Remove my bid’ and your bid will be called off.

If you want to edit your bid, you have to click ‘Change my bid’ and to indicate your new price. Then, you need to press the button ‘Apply new bid’ and your bid will be updated.

How to win bidding?

After placing your bid, it is recommended to send a direct message to the customer via live chat, where you can convince the client to assign you by presenting your skills in this subject area and attracting customer's attention. Also you have to explain why your offer is the best and show your interest in the order by providing a 100-word preview of the order. Please, note that if you need some clarification concerning the project, you are welcome to discuss instructions and ask questions about the project with the customer in the chatbox. Be informed that it is forbidden to introduce yourself using your personal information or papers written for our customers.

What is a 100-word preview of the order?

It is an introduction to the topic or a review of the required topic which demonstrates your writing skills and style. It must be short, unique and coherent .The client sees what you write in the chatbox. We advise you not to write too much (not more than 100-200 words) as the customer could choose another writer or cancel the order and you will get nothing. Please, note that it is obligatory to provide a 100-word preview if the customer requests or you may be fined for refusing to write it.

How will I know that the order is assigned to me?

When a customer confirms your bid, such an order moves to the folder ‘Orders in progress’ in the section ‘My Orders’. You will get an email informing you that the order is assigned to you.

Can a client request me as a writer?

A customer can choose you as a preferred writer when placing an order. You will get an e-mail notification about a new offer and should react to it immediately informing the client if you are able to work on the order or not.  If for some reasons you cannot take the writing assignment and complete it on time, you should write a message to the customer about it or ask for a deadline extension.

How many parts does an order have?

Each order has two parts. Once the first part of the assignment is completed, the customer checks it and releases its payment. A writer should start working on the second part, only when the payment for the first part has been transferred to writer’s account. It is recommended to keep in touch with the customer and inform about the progress of the order. Please, do not forget to ask the client to release money for the completed part of the paper before submitting the next one, otherwise, the client may not accept a full paper and cancel the order. In this case, both the writer and the company incur losses.

How many words should 1 page contain?

One page on our website is equal to 275 words. For example, if your paper is 5 pages long, the word count has to be not less than 1375. You cannot go below the required word limit but it is acceptable to exceed it by not more than 100 words.

What format should I follow (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and etc.)?

You may see the requested paper format in the order form and your responsibility is to follow the right format. Please, note that the ignorance of this instruction may lead to customers’ dissatisfaction and refund requests.

What I have to do if a customer does not approve my order and doesn’t ask for revision?

Sometimes customers do not provide any feedback on the orders. In such a case the order is moved to the ‘Completed’ folder and its payment for completed parts is released automatically after 2 weeks. It is advisable to get in touch with the customer via live chat because it will help you to speed up the process of getting payment for your work.

What does the button ‘Stop working on this order’ mean?

You may ask to reassign or cancel the order only for valid reasons, such as an approaching deadline or a miscommunication with the customer. Writer’s responsibility is to do everything possible to carry out the situation before pressing the button ‘Stop working on this order’. When all writer’s attempts to solve the issue have failed, the writer may click "Stop working on this order". Be informed that all payments for uncompleted parts will be refunded to the client and the writer will receive the payment only for approved parts.

What is revision?

The project can be sent back for revision in case the customer is dissatisfied with the paper or the part of the project. You have to make sure that the customer has provided valid and relevant revision comments and time frames for corrections.  If you need any clarifications concerning revision, you have to discuss all details with the customer via live chat.

Am I required to make revisions?

A writer is obliged to revise the paper for free if revision comments correspond to initial instructions.  

What if the customer’s revision comments are different from his/her initial instructions?

First of all, you have to try to solve this case with the client via live chat asking a customer to place a new order, with new instructions. If you cannot come to an agreement with the customer, you may contact our Support Team informing about the issue. If the revision comments are indeed different from the initial order instructions, you will get the payment for a completed work.

Why should I rate clients? 

The final stage in the cooperation with a client is rating. It is recommended to leave your feedback on your work with a customer and ask for it too. You may choose the rating from 1 being the worst, to 10 being the best and write some comments.  Customer’s rating can be shown by clicking on client’s id , also you may check customer’s profile with and see the number of all completed orders on our website and other writers’ comments. Please, note that a writer has to demonstrate the most professional and tolerant attitude while leaving customers’ ratings and comments; otherwise, it may lead to account termination. Your rating is displayed on the public profile. Writers with the higher ratings have the bigger chance to be assigned to orders.

Are there any fines?

Writers can be fined for various reasons, such as failure to upload papers on time, plagiarism, rude communication with customers and support representatives, disclosure of personal information, refusal to provide a 100-word preview and etc. Please, read our Fines Policy if you need more information.

How do I know I was fined?

You will get email notification about % of a fine and an explanation. If you need more clarifications concerning a fine or you want to dispute it, you may send your request via messaging system.

What can I be awarded a bonus for?

We have different bonuses that you can check in your account and read all details in our Bonuses Policy.

How do I receive my payment?

We pay on bi-weekly basis if your payment for approved orders is more than 50$. You have to request for releasing your payment by clicking ‘Add funds request’ in the section ‘Funds Request’ during your payment period. This button is active twice a month - from the 1st till 5th and from the 15th till 20th. Please, do not forget to provide your own payment details before asking for your payment.

What payment methods do you have?

Our main payment methods are PayPal and Upwork. You choose the one which is more convenient for you.

Where can I see my payment for approved orders?

You have to open the folder ‘Funds request’ in your account and find the section ‘Available for request now’. There you may see the sum which is going to be paid within your days of payroll.

How can I change my payment details?

You need to contact our Billing Department via our messaging system and request to change your details explaining the issue. Please, be informed that you may use only your personal payment details and you have to provide only valid reasons to update your payment details.

Where I can check my payment history?

You need to open the section ‘Funds request’ in your account and there you may see all payment transactions and check payment status of all completed orders.

Will I be paid for completed orders if I want to stop our cooperation?

You have to contact our HR Department and inform about this issue. Our representatives will help you to get the payment for your completed orders.

What can lead to account termination?

Our representatives may close any account due to different reasons such as any disclosure of personal information, fraudulent activity, low performance, unprofessional behavior and non-compliance with a corporate policy.

What writers’ statuses do you have?

There are two statuses (‘Available’ and ‘Unavailable’) that a successfully registered writer can change at will.

What do the statuses "Available"/ ‘Unavailable’ mean?

The status of a writer who wants to work on a regular basis should be ‘Available’, which means that you are ready to cooperate with clients and work on available projects. If a writer is not able to work for some period of time, he or she has to change his status to ‘Unavailable’ in his profile information under the ‘My Profile’ section. This status restricts the ability to place new bids or get assigned to orders, as per customers' requests. If a writer wants to get back to work, he or she should change the status back to ‘Available’ and he or she can start cooperation with our website again.

Can I share the account with my friend?

Such activity is considered to be a violation of our policy and may lead to account termination. You have to use different accounts.

How can I refer a friend?

You have to contact our HR Department via our messaging system and provide our representatives with your friend’s e-mail.

Is it possible to reset my password?

This option is available in the section ‘Change password’ in your profile information (the folder ‘My profile’). You have to insert your old password and the new one, then click ‘Save Account Settings’ and your password will be updated.

How can I change my email?

You have to contact our HR Department and inform our representatives about the issue providing credentials and valid reasons for changing your e-mail.