In order to protect the customer and the company, there are several policies on our website, and we urge the customer to read through these policies, so that there is full understanding of our relationship and everyone’s rights and responsibilities. If you choose to order products and/or services from us, you are automatically bound by these policies.

Customer Use of our Products: A customer who purchases research and/or writing from EssaySupply.com agrees that the products are for personal use only. They may be used as reference samples and for research purposes. The company is not responsible for grades that customers receive nor for other consequences that may occur as a result of the use of our products.

Contact Information – Accuracy: The customer must provide the company with current and accurate contact information – a working email address and a valid contact phone number, as well as full name. There may be urgent situations in which the company must contact a customer, and, if incorrect information has been provided, the company is not responsible for delays in production or delivery.

Order Cancellation: We understand that there may be times when a customer must cancel an order. If an order has been received but not yet assigned to a writer, a full refund will be provided. If a writer has already been assigned, however, the company will determine a refund amount, based upon the amount of work a writer has completed at the time of order cancellation. In all cases of refund, a customer may apply that refund credit toward a future order.

Resources and Reference Materials: When a customer places an order that requires research, and if no specific resource materials are specified, the writer will use the most current and relevant resource materials that are appropriate for both the topic and the customer academic level. When a customer requires specific resource materials, however, we shall proceed as follows:

  • If the resource materials area readily available to the writer, they will be accessed and used.
  • If the resource materials are not readily available, the customer shall upload those materials for the writer to use.
  • If the resource materials are not readily available and the customer does not have access to them, the company will access them, and there may be a “purchase” fee involved. If the company must purchase reference materials, the customer will bear the responsibility for the cost. The final product will not be delivered until the payment for these resources has been received from the customer.

There is a timeline for uploading resource materials, and customer must meet those deadlines to avoid delays in production and delivery.

Customer Instructions: It is important that the customer be very specific with his/her instructions on the order form. If special instructions are not able to be posted in the order form fields, the customer must contact our customer support department and provide those instructions. We will follow all customer instructions, provide they are clear, precise and understandable. If a writer need additional clarification, s/he will contact the customer directly through the customer account page. It is the customer’s responsibility to check that account page frequently for any messages from the writer. Personal emails and/or phone and text messages will also be used when time is of the essence. If a customer fails to respond to messages, delays may occur, and the company shall not be responsible for them.

Revision Requests: If a customer is not happy with the final product, s/he may request revisions using the personal account page or by contacting the customer support department. If the revision request does not contradict the original order instructions, or if the revision request pertains to writer failure to follow specific instructions, the revisions are free of charge. If, however, the request alters the original order instructions, an additional fee will apply.

Plagiarism: We use the same plagiarism-scan software that is utilized by academic institutions, and we do not have complaints about plagiarism. If you do believe that plagiarism exists in any delivered product, customer must submit a TurnItIn scan report, showing the evidence of plagiarism. If plagiarism should ever be discovered, the company will revise for free.

Technical Issues: Technical issues may include internet shut downs, browser problems, power failures, hardware problems, or communication issues beyond our control. In these instances, the company is not responsible.

Terms of Payment: Customers may make payment in the same manner as they do with any online retailer. The conditions for payment are contained in our Terms and Conditions agreement. Under no circumstances will a writer begin on a project until payment in full has been received by the company. Customers may use PayPal, wire transfer, any major credit or debit card, or eCheck.

Deadlines: We have almost a perfect record of meeting customer deadlines, provided the customer responds to our communications in a timely manner, provides correct instructions and contact information, and upload resource materials within the time frames given (see Terms and Conditions). If a financial institution should request identity verification, they may delay production, and the company cannot be responsible for such delays.

Specific Instructions/Requests: The customer bears full responsibility for giving us the correct instructions and other details (include resources) that a writer may need to complete an order. At times, the writer may have requests as well, and it is the customer’s responsibility to respond to those requests quickly, so as to avoid delays. The company is not responsible for delays that occur due to failure to respond to questions or clarification needs of a writer or of the company. When the customer must upload specific resource materials, the following deadlines apply, I order to prevent delays:

  • Deadline of 2 -14 days: upload within first 8 hours of order placement
  • Deadline of 12 – 24 hours: upload with 1 hour of order placement
  • Deadline of 12 hours or less: upload with 20 minutes of order placement

Customer Academic Level: The customer must provide an accurate grade level. This is an important factor when we select an appropriate writer. The resource materials, the style, and the vocabulary used are all based upon the academic level. If you have submitted the incorrect academic level, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately to correct the issue. If an incorrect writer has been assigned and work has begun, there may an additional charge for this correction. An incorrect grade level stipulation impacts the price you are charged, so please ensure that it is correct.

Making Payment: It is important for the customer to make payment as quickly as possible. No work can begin on an order until we receive payment for it. If delays occur due to tardy payment, we are not responsible.

Company Customer Support Team: Our team is available 24 hours a day to service all of our customers. If you have a question or an issue, you may contact a team member by email, through your personal account on our site, through live chat, or by telephone.

Legal Concerns: We are not privy to all of the laws of any locale, region, state, province, or country regarding use of our services. It is the customer’s responsibility to become aware of any laws that relate to use of Internet retail services. As well, if we suspect fraud or other cybercrime, we will report such activity to the appropriate authorities so that they may pursue such matters. Further, we will cooperate with such authorities in any manner requested.

Cookies: You have the right to block cookies, but we do request that you add our website as an exception. Blocking cookies from us may reduce compatibility and your user experience. Disabling cookies may result I technical issues relative to the use of our site.

Special Offers: We run a regular program of special pricing offers to our customers, and we notify customers of these via personal email. You may unsubscribe to such emails at any time, and instructions for doing so are always provided at the end of our emails.

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