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I prefer research papers and courseworks; I am good at Business, Social Studies, and Communication Strategies. My stress resistance helped me to complete more than 300 projects

What have been the impacts on ‘democracy’ of the extraordinary changes seen in IT in our lifetimes
May 10.2020
THE BEST thank you so much
Do children benefit from growing up in a traditional family structure?
Apr 28.2021
Power Point presentation
Excellent and perfect job, I loved it! Thank you so much.
Analyzing a Current Health Care Problem or Issue
Feb 22.2021
Research Paper
Argument Against Marijuana Legalization
May 13.2020
The paper came in time and it was well written
Imperialism and war
May 14.2020
Apologies for not giving feedback earlier!
Domestic Violence
Apr 13.2021
Research Paper
Great writing and provided all that I needed to include in paper
I am attaching the assignment please see attached.
May 15.2020
Thank you
2(a) How do Indians living in the US feel about their homeland in India? 2(b) How do you think Native Americans view new immigrants to the US?
May 15.2020
Thank you
Issues of bullying and verbal abuse in schools have gotten a lot of attention lately but are they new? What are your experiences from your school years? How well did your school deal with these problems? Did they have effective methods? Were they unable or unwilling to address them? Do you think we can (and should) teach social and emotional development in the schools?
May 15.2020
Thank you
Is the Washington consensus dead?
Apr 18.2021
Excellent work, thank you!