What to expect in the Digital Marketing of 2016

Content what to expect in the digital marketing of 2016

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and the Internet continues to alter totally the ways that information is shared.  Marketers are looking at new technologies, tools, and platforms every year.  Change isn’t easy, but it’s critical to understand the new trends that are shaping the landscaping of digital marketing for this year.

These are some of the new digital marketing ways to help keep marketers ahead.

Marketing Departments Come Together

Rather than working separately, all of the departments in marketing need to begin working as one.  All types of advertising need to join together with their central goal being the customer service working with the sales cycle.  It’s critical for the client that this is a unified experience.   The marketers will begin to use tools that are integrated, can track the journey of the customers, and give them a way to interact with their consumers online.  It will make it easier to measure their loyalty and emotions.  They can then tailor their outreach according to the customers’ needs and wants.

Continue Increasing the Use of Social Media

Social media has to become a bigger part of every marketing budget in 2016.  It’s crucial that it ties in with all marketing means including email campaigns and the website.  On each one of the different social media platforms, there’s an enormous audience that can be reached.  If a company doesn’t take advantage of it, then they’re losing out. 

There are several new features, on social media, which can help businesses target the right audiences for them.  They will also generate more clicks to their websites, and assist in creating brand awareness.  Nobody will be surprised when hearing that companies using social media will increase this year and their advertising budget will more than double within the next four years

It’s expected that by adding the sharing options of social media in the emails, the click through rate will increase more than 100%.  Companies not using this in their strategy for online marketing will lose out on a large source of income.  Emails will continue to be the successful method of communicating between customers and businesses.

Go With Mobile

Wherever there are people, there are people on their smartphones and this trend will increase during the year and will dominate over the standard desktop computer.  Mobile needs to be first on every marketer’s mind when they consider all channels of their digital marketing.  For searches, mobile passed the users of desktops a while back, and this is a statistic that can’t be ignored. 

Many companies will be changing from the traditional landing page to a mobile as their primary page.  One of the reasons is that Google is now putting their emphasis on mobile friendliness.  They have reworked their algorithms by placing mobile friendly sites higher up in their search engine.  One thing to remember, searches being done on laptops and smartphones has grown immensely, and businesses need to focus on this new market and target it.

Video Is the Key

The video is an excellent way to interact with millennials, and it’s everywhere.  YouTube, Periscope, Facebook live streaming, and Snapchat are growing faster all the time.  Millennials prefer watching their video on these sites than viewing them on TV.  Now is the time to go to the next level with videos.  As part of the company’s digital marketing strategy, video streaming should move to the top.  

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Content is King

Content marketing has always made the list of the trends for digital marketing and 2016 will be no different.  Relevant, interesting, and natural content will reach further than ever before.  It’s now the time to relate the story of the company’s brand through website content, social media, and blog posts.  It can be a bit daunting at first so some people will hire a writer through an essay writing service.  They can write whatever type of content that’s needed to engage the audience.  Don’t forget; audiences love the chance to relate, so think like they do when creating a marketing strategy.

Increased use of Marketing Tools

There is always so much happening in the marketing world of the Internet.  And it happens so fast making it difficult to keep up with new things.  Companies are beginning to focus on the new marketing automation.  A lot of the interaction between the customer and the company happens efficiently and quickly through Facebook updates and tweets that have been scheduled and loaded ahead of time.  There are also the email campaigns being automated and digital advertising that’s been paid to present the brand of the company to thousands of potential clients.

Overall Digital Assets

To create the company’s presence online and generate more income, marketers need to combine their digital assets which include:

  • Website
  • Ranking on Search Engines
  • Social Network

Native Ads

These are the online marketing strategy that is the answer the pop-up blockers.  Everyone becomes annoyed when they are browsing the Internet and here comes another pop-up advertisement.  Most people have blockers installed, but it doesn’t stop them all.  People hate it when they’re bombarded with ads that get in their face.  It’s especially bad when these concern services or products they have no interest in.  However, most people will find themselves responding to native ads even though they resemble pop-ups.  They feel, look, and read like a pop-up and the best part is the ad blockers don’t work on them.  People respond to them because they are relevant to what they are looking for.


The digital marketing strategy of 2016 will continue to grow in its importance.  The only way to succeed in a digital marketing campaign is to know what's new and upcoming.  Then incorporate these new strategies to stay abreast of these trends.

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