10 Ways to Become A Good Student
Content 10 waysto bea good student

We pretty much still define a good student as one who gets good grades. While this may seem a bit narrow for a definition, it is what it is. We could argue that a good student is one who does not just accept what he is told by a professor or a text book, who questions the status quo, who has mastered course content even though his assignments and test don’t show that, and who is able to think outside the box of normal content and learning activities.

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Questions to Ask When Writing an Essay
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Most teachers do not make use of a very important aspect of writing essays and papers. And that aspect is that the student should ask him/herself questions as a pre-writing preparation. Asking these questions will ultimately result in a better piece of writing. So, here are questions you should ask yourself as you get ready to write any essay or paper.

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Foods that Increase Brain Activity and Prevent Decline
Content foods that increasebrain activity

“Smart foods,” they’re called – foods that enhance brain activity and that keep the brain healthy as the body ages. We now know, from research, that certain elements in some foods have a positive impact on the brain. While much of this testing has occurred with rats, the implications for human brains are certainly there.

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Secrets to a Successful Marketing Strategy
Content secrets to

Marketing has only one goal – to get customers. Years ago, someone opened a business and advertised in the newspaper and on the radio. S/he put big signs in the windows advertising sales. Not a lot of that happens anymore, except for television advertising that that the big players can afford.

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5 Ingredients to Make your Blog Rock
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Blogs are hard to maintain, that’s for sure. You have to constantly come up with new ideas for topics, and that’s just the beginning. Then you have to actually write them, while you deal with writer’s block, all sorts of other demands on your time, and the fact that you would like to have some sort of life beyond your business and writing. But a blog is an essential part of your branding and growth, so you have to do it right.

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10 Tips Every Freshman needs to Know for Back to School Season
Content mexico

As you get ready to begin your first year of college, there are probably dozens of things you have done to prepare yourself. You’ve most likely shopped for dorm room furnishings, purchased a new laptop for studying and entertainment, taken a tour of the classroom, introduced yourself to your new dorm mate, and more.

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Why Your College Writing is Not Getting Good Grades - Tips to Fix It
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Once you walk into your first college class, you are subject to much higher expectations for course work. Your reading assignments will be more frequent and lengthier; your assignments will be more challenging; and the type of college papers you must produce will be more complex and held to a higher standard than is typical for high school students.

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Little Known Ways to Write a Perfect Paper
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There may not really be such a thing as the “perfect paper,” but if you can write one and get an “A,” that is pretty darn close. Most professors do not give “A’s,” unless a paper is truly superior, especially when compared to the others that have been submitted.

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Improving Your College Paper Writing – 15 Tips
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Most college students will not choose writing as a career. In fact, most college students dislike writing paper and essay assignments. To them, it is a terrible activity, maybe even worse than getting a root canal.

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Writing an Excellent Paper – You Need a Blueprint
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Constructing a bridge without a blueprint would constitute stupidity, because it would result in a faulty structure that would probably fail.

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