The Creative Person's Toolbox: 7 Must Have Gadgets For All Occasions
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It's almost time to make wish list for the upcoming holidays! Why not ask for a few new gadgets to help boost your creativity. There are hundreds of gadgets both fun and practical that are perfect for designers and other creative professionals. Here are 7 that we think everybody must have this year.

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5 Things That Will Make You Successful
Content 5 things to make you successful

Things go wrong for everybody. However, if you approach negative situations with a willingness to take the lead and fix things, you are going to find that being successful comes much easier to you. It is people who take ownership of situations who are sought out for leadership positions, and who are respected by their peers for their willingness to take on difficult tasks.

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Receiving Inspiration from the Small Things We Encounter
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When we were children, we did not pay much attention to world leaders and other public figures whose achievements and speeches inspired our parents. Our worlds were made up of the little pleasures, the everyday observations we made of our physical world, our playmates and our teachers - the simple fun of watching a ladybug travel across a large leaf or the happiness of having a friend over to play.

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10 Great Study Tips for Students
Content blackbird

If you grew up like many other students, you may have been taught that the ideal study spot is barren and isolated. Old logic said that the place that you studied must be quiet, well lit, away from distractions, and that any background noise was strictly forbidden. Hogwash!

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5 Halloween Party Ideas for Students
Content halloween

Halloween is the best time of year! Wouldn't it be great if we could turn Thanksgiving into Halloween 2.0? What better idea is there than to throw a great Halloween party for your friends. That's right! We aren't just here to help students who ask 'help me write my paper'.

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When College isn’t for Everyone – Smart Options for Smart Kids
Content college is not for everyone  options for smart students

We are right to question the value of a college education. Certainly, it is the correct route for a large chunk of students; certainly, it is not the correct route for another large chunk of students.

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Top 10 Excuses You use to Put Off Writing That Paper
Content top 10 excuses you use to put off writing that paper

One of the most difficult parts of writing a paper is getting started. There's something about taking that first step and sitting down to research and right that is so challenging to students. It is for this reason that you and other students often come up with excuses to put off the writing you should be doing right now.

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The Pros of Technological Devices for Education
Content the pros of technological devices for education

The computer was perhaps the one device that transformed classroom education in the 20th century. As the use computers continued to expand and continues to expand today, we continue to find new and exciting ways to deliver educational programming through a platform that both engages and excites students at all levels.

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Books Every Student Should Read
Content books every student should read

When college students become intently focused on their classes and working towards their degrees, many wonderful things happen. For one thing, students begin developing their critical thinking skills at a rapid pace. They learn to form ideas and opinions, interact with others in discussions about those ideas and opinions, and ultimately improve and modify their opinions and ideas based on these interactions.

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The Targeted Resume - 5 Resume Templates Based Upon Position/Organization
Content the new you

One size does not fit all. That is the “rule” you must remember as you craft your resume for any job search – whether you are coming up upon graduation and looking for your first career position or looking for a job change. What you need to understand is this: each resume you send out will have to be somewhat unique and designed specifically for the organization to which it is going.

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