What to expect in the Digital Marketing of 2016
Content what to expect in the digital marketing of 2016

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and the Internet continues to alter totally the ways that information is shared. Marketers are looking at new technologies, tools, and platforms every year. Change isn’t easy, but it’s critical to understand the new trends that are shaping the landscaping of digital marketing for this year.

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8 Authors Who Wrote Under A Pseudonym
Content es inf2

A pseudomyms among authors have been a common practice since time immemorial. Who would deprive oneself of being referred to by a name they find most attractive? Not mentioning of Romanticism period in literature, that called for conciseness and pleasing to readers' eyes and ears. Brevity, covering up the previous experience that failed to reach the success. Plenty reasons!

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6 University Jobs That Will Boost Your Resume

There is a bit of a misconception that university jobs are only available for students who gain employment through work study, or graduate students who become TAs. In reality, there are a variety of on campus jobs available to anybody who chooses to apply, that can be a great addition to a student’s resume.

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Love is in the Air – How the World Gets Ready for Romance
Content love is in the air  how the world gets into the romantic mood.

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Florists tell us that this is the biggest sales day they have all year. Candy stores stock up for their big sale day too. And jewelry stores start advertising on TV, social media, and anywhere else they can find a spot. More couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year. Even though Valentine’s Day has some dark history in its beginning, no one cares. It’s the day that love is celebrated.

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You Can Be and Introvert and a Leader – Here are 7 Tips
Content 7 leadership tips for introverted people

Being a leader and an introvert may sound impossible. After all, leaders have to be gregarious, outgoing, outspoken and inspirational to others. How can anyone do these things if all they want is to be alone to think and reflect. It’s true. Introverts do spend more time thinking than most others.

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How To Create A Website Using WordPress
Content how to create a website using wordpress

Not very long ago, the process of creating a website was quite complex. If you wanted a nice looking website where visitors would actually enjoy spending time, you had to master HTML, JavaScript, or other languages in order to build and launch a decent site. Your other option was to use an online website template. Unfortunately, the web sites generated using those were clunky and hard to navigate.

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12 Best Gift Ideas for College Students
Content 12 best gift ideas for college students

We all want to make sure that everyone has a great Christmas. However, it's hard to choose what to get them. Some people we want to get them presents that we know that they'll use or have a practical purpose. Others, we think that they could use or want something on the fun side. Either way finding a present for everyone can be difficult, especially for a college student.

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4 Tips On Making Your Movie Review
Content the new you

For many people, a review can be the making or breaking point of a movie as it is used to help the reader, or in other terms, a potential audience member gains insight about the film. Even the simplest phrase such as "The best" or "The worst" can be the words that help the potential viewer and audience member decide whether or not they will see the film.

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The Hidden Truth About Essay Writing Services: What Most of Them Don't Want You to Know
Content 16

There are dozens of academic paper writing services on the internet at any given time. Every single one of them promises college students that they will provide them with essays, research papers, and other documents that are guaranteed to help them earn the high grades they want.

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5 Magic Marketing Words to Keep Customers Engaged
Content 5 magic marketing words to keep customers engaged

Magic marketing words are powerful words and phrases that you can use in your advertisements and content to catch customer's attention, evoke emotional responses, and get customers primed to answer your call to action. When you add these magical words and phrases to your content, you can significantly increase the likelihood that your audience will convert, and the likelihood that they will share your content with others.

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