10 Great Study Tips for Students
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If you grew up like many other students, you may have been taught that the ideal study spot is barren and isolated. Old logic said that the place that you studied must be quiet, well lit, away from distractions, and that any background noise was strictly forbidden. Hogwash!

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When College isn’t for Everyone – Smart Options for Smart Kids
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We are right to question the value of a college education. Certainly, it is the correct route for a large chunk of students; certainly, it is not the correct route for another large chunk of students.

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Top 10 Excuses You use to Put Off Writing That Paper
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One of the most difficult parts of writing a paper is getting started. There's something about taking that first step and sitting down to research and right that is so challenging to students. It is for this reason that you and other students often come up with excuses to put off the writing you should be doing right now.

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Books Every Student Should Read
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When college students become intently focused on their classes and working towards their degrees, many wonderful things happen. For one thing, students begin developing their critical thinking skills at a rapid pace. They learn to form ideas and opinions, interact with others in discussions about those ideas and opinions, and ultimately improve and modify their opinions and ideas based on these interactions.

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10 Ways to Become A Good Student
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We pretty much still define a good student as one who gets good grades. While this may seem a bit narrow for a definition, it is what it is. We could argue that a good student is one who does not just accept what he is told by a professor or a text book, who questions the status quo, who has mastered course content even though his assignments and test don’t show that, and who is able to think outside the box of normal content and learning activities.

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Foods that Increase Brain Activity and Prevent Decline
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“Smart foods,” they’re called – foods that enhance brain activity and that keep the brain healthy as the body ages. We now know, from research, that certain elements in some foods have a positive impact on the brain. While much of this testing has occurred with rats, the implications for human brains are certainly there.

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Secrets to a Successful Marketing Strategy
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Marketing has only one goal – to get customers. Years ago, someone opened a business and advertised in the newspaper and on the radio. S/he put big signs in the windows advertising sales. Not a lot of that happens anymore, except for television advertising that that the big players can afford.

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10 Tips Every Freshman needs to Know for Back to School Season
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As you get ready to begin your first year of college, there are probably dozens of things you have done to prepare yourself. You’ve most likely shopped for dorm room furnishings, purchased a new laptop for studying and entertainment, taken a tour of the classroom, introduced yourself to your new dorm mate, and more.

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Why Your College Writing is Not Getting Good Grades - Tips to Fix It
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Once you walk into your first college class, you are subject to much higher expectations for course work. Your reading assignments will be more frequent and lengthier; your assignments will be more challenging; and the type of college papers you must produce will be more complex and held to a higher standard than is typical for high school students.

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How to End Failing Grades in Paper Writing
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If you are the recipient of some of these kinds of grades, you know you have to something to fix the issues you have. But you can’t fix those issues unless you first identify them.

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