7 Effective Strategies For College Students
Content rsz 7 effective strategies for college students

Graduation is over and you are headed to college. A world that begins your transition from young adult, to adulthood. For many this is an exciting time. Time to be on your own and make your own choices. While it is going to be great not to have your mom walk in on you while you are doing God knows what, and to not have your dad looming by while you are talking on the phone with friends, becoming an adult comes with responsibility. Yeah, that word again. You will be running into that word the rest of your life, and then you will be passing it on to your kids one day. Before you settle into the daily grind of college life, and write essay number one, take time to go over these important steps that may keep you responsible and safe enough to finish college.

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Hack your mind: 13 tips to learn anything better
Content rsz hack your mind 13 tips to learn anything better

Just your luck to be stuck with a roommate that seems to have it all together all of the time. How in the world do they do it? All of their assignments seem to be on time. They seem to glide through their essays without banging their heads against the wall. Research seems to come easy to them, while it makes your eyes ache and your head feel like it’s going to blow up.

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7 Great Poetry Collections To Read During Every Month Of The Year
Content rsz 7 great poetry collections to read during every month of the year

Now that April, national poetry month, has passed, you don’t have to put your beloved poetry away until next year. Short of taking a poetry class, or gathering your friends to meet at favorite places that still allow smokers with snapping fingers to enjoy their favorite spoken word artists, why not browse your local book store that remains open because it loves books so much it will not allow the Internet crunch of places like Amazon to close it out of business. Yes, feel the book in your hands folks, and get some new material to last the rest of the year. There are tons of poetry books out there that you have yet to read.

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What to expect in the Digital Marketing of 2016
Content what to expect in the digital marketing of 2016

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and the Internet continues to alter totally the ways that information is shared. Marketers are looking at new technologies, tools, and platforms every year. Change isn’t easy, but it’s critical to understand the new trends that are shaping the landscaping of digital marketing for this year.

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6 University Jobs That Will Boost Your Resume

There is a bit of a misconception that university jobs are only available for students who gain employment through work study, or graduate students who become TAs. In reality, there are a variety of on campus jobs available to anybody who chooses to apply, that can be a great addition to a student’s resume.

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You Can Be and Introvert and a Leader – Here are 7 Tips
Content 7 leadership tips for introverted people

Being a leader and an introvert may sound impossible. After all, leaders have to be gregarious, outgoing, outspoken and inspirational to others. How can anyone do these things if all they want is to be alone to think and reflect. It’s true. Introverts do spend more time thinking than most others.

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12 Best Gift Ideas for College Students
Content 12 best gift ideas for college students

We all want to make sure that everyone has a great Christmas. However, it's hard to choose what to get them. Some people we want to get them presents that we know that they'll use or have a practical purpose. Others, we think that they could use or want something on the fun side. Either way finding a present for everyone can be difficult, especially for a college student.

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The Hidden Truth About Essay Writing Services: What Most of Them Don't Want You to Know
Content 16

There are dozens of academic paper writing services on the internet at any given time. Every single one of them promises college students that they will provide them with essays, research papers, and other documents that are guaranteed to help them earn the high grades they want.

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5 Magic Marketing Words to Keep Customers Engaged
Content 5 magic marketing words to keep customers engaged

Magic marketing words are powerful words and phrases that you can use in your advertisements and content to catch customer's attention, evoke emotional responses, and get customers primed to answer your call to action. When you add these magical words and phrases to your content, you can significantly increase the likelihood that your audience will convert, and the likelihood that they will share your content with others.

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5 Things That Will Make You Successful
Content 5 things to make you successful

Things go wrong for everybody. However, if you approach negative situations with a willingness to take the lead and fix things, you are going to find that being successful comes much easier to you. It is people who take ownership of situations who are sought out for leadership positions, and who are respected by their peers for their willingness to take on difficult tasks.

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